You’ll have your Knives Out to get this Bluray

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But only because the movie is so good. Knives Out is my second favourite movie of 2019. Second only to the magnificence that was Jojo Rabbit (another glorious film that you should definitely see if you have yet to!)

If you want to know what kind of film Knives Out is, the opening scene gives you the most perfect answer. The first shot of the film is reminiscent of Agatha Christie and Hound of the Baskervilles (yes, Arthur Conan Doyle, not Christie, I know my classic mystery writers).

There’s a huge mansion, mysterious fog, dogs running through the autumn garden. The quirky tone is set as we see all the possessions of the house, and finally we come across the body. But then our intuitive expectations of a who-dunnit are subtly subverted. 

And thus, the perfect introduction to an incredibly well-written, superbly acted film. 

But this is a review of the Bluray. Obviously the movie alone makes the Bluray worth it, but what little cherries adorn the top? 

Deleted Scenes

These featured a few scenes that contain two different plot points that were eventually cut from the film. I appreciate that they were cut, because if they stayed in the film, the ending would not have been as sweet. Also would have put a strangely darker tone on things. But it’s interesting to see the direction some of the characters were going to go.

Director and Cast Q&A

I wasn’t sure if I was going to watch this one when I realised it was 42 minutes long, but before that thought finished, Daniel Craig and Chris Evans started being cute and suddenly it was over. If you love this amazing cast, you will love this. Also now I am a big fan of Daniel Craig. 

Planning the Perfect Murder

A quick featurette where Rian Johnson talks about his writing process. He was given a bit of a hard time with the writing of a certain big name movie, but Knives Out is his own baby from start to finish. No angry fanbase to pacify, and no big cheese to satisfy.

It’s really cool to get a glimpse into his head and hear his thoughts on why he framed the story the way he did, but it’s just a glimpse. Turning on the director’s commentary and watching the movie again is worth it, if you want to hear more from him.

A collection of trailers…

Unfortunately, the other half of the extras are just trailers you can easily search up on YouTube if you so desire. It’s cool that they’re there and they’ve been added, but it’s a little disappointing they make up half of the special features.

And that’s the Bluray! Overall I’m giving it an 8, since I would have loved to have seen more antics on set – especially with such an amazing cast! (Such a missed opportunity!) But the movie is an easy 9/10 in my books. Plus the Q&A and director’s commentary are a treat to sit down and eat a pizza to.




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