Win yourself two of 2020’s best games thanks to PriceSpy!

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It’s 2021, and a fine opportunity to grab some of the best games of 2020 now that they’ve finally sunk in price. Take Ghost of Tsushima for example. Despite coming out over six months ago, last month it was the most searched-for game on PriceSpy!

This might have something to do with a late price-drop of $30 in December. PriceSpy usually sees discounts like this three months after release, but Ghost of Tsushima hung around full price for twice that time. I don’t blame it. It is a very, very beautiful game. 

In fact, I recommend you watch Saskia’s review of Ghost of Tsushima. If you like the look of it, head to PriceSpy to see where you can get it for cheap. If you grab the free PriceSpy app, you can even set up price alerts, which can notify you whenever a game you’ve been wanting for ages drops below a certain price. 

Ghost of Tsushima is just BEAUTIFUL.

Other notable titles in the top 5 games are Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure, which seems to consistently be in the top 5 since it came out, and The Last of Us Part II – another amazing game that Saskia reviewed. 

The best part about this whole article, though, is the fact that the extraordinarily generous narwhals of PriceSpy are giving you the chance to win TWO of these five awesome games! Just enter your name down below! We’re going to need an age as well because, uh, some of these games are rated mature. 

Top games for January!

Now, ignore the new automated terms and conditions. You have to live in New Zealand to win this competition. We will contact you by email if you have won, so make sure you check your junk. It will help us to contact you if you comment on the related Facebook post. 



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