Why you should already own Parasite on DVD or Blu-ray.

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I just watched Parasite. My mind is blown. You know when there’s a movie out that everyone is raving about and it wins awards and people are like OMG on social media…and you still haven’t seen it. Then you’re hesitant to watch it because it’s been way too hyped and surely it can’t be as good as everyone is saying? THEN YOU WATCH IT AND IT 100% DESERVED TO WIN 4 OSCARS – IF NOT MORE!? That’s what happened with me and parasite.

11 Reasons Why You Need To Buy It

  1. Supporting awesomeness is the right thing to do
  2. You will want to watch it several times
  3. You can hold it close whenever you need reminding there is good in the world (not referring to the movies contents – that might remind you of other things – it’s a mixed bag).
  4. You will appear to have good taste and seem more interesting
  6. You will learn that wading through shit isn’t as bad as you might have thought.
  7. You’ll get to watch a very cute ‘Making Of’ featurette
  8. You’ll have the joy of passing on it’s majesty if you make people watch with you or lend it out.
  9. You can watch it even if your internet is down
  10. You’ll learn a lot of very applicable life lessons eg. Don’t let her in.
  11. Sun-Kyun Lee from Coffee Prince is in it – older and hotter
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Parasite is definitely a film you should go in knowing next to nothing about. Don’t spoil the ride for yourself. This is short because I’m going to watch it again. Would be keen to discuss with you once you’ve seen it and my brain somehow heals from the previous explosion.



Experience this

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