What is Hello Games up to!?

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It has probably been awhile since many of you have heard anything about No Man’s Sky (NMS), but things have not been quiet in the [multi]verse.

Since the game was released, a lot of people complained and felt like they had no received what they were promised. There were issues with Hello Games (the developers) not communicating, and many people got very upset. HOWEVER, and I mean HOWEVER, Hello games promised to make it right, and have released a couple of patches which have brought into the game a number of the things that people wanted; base building, ground vehicles, freighters you can use, and so forth.

The really big news is that it is now about the time Hello Games would release their 3rd update, but they have been strangely quiet. Quiet, that is, until the mods of the NMS reddit were contacted by agents from Hello Games, and told they would be sent some merchandise. This in itself is not abnormal, Hello Games are known to be responsive and appreciative to their reddit audience. The big surprise was what was in the boxes when they arrived.

Now, I could go into great detail here, but I wont. Half the fun in what happens next is discovering what happens next, if you know what I mean. What I will say is this, inside the merchandise sent to the mods (and now various other you tubers and notable persons in the NMS community) were a series of cassette tapes (yes, some of them had never seen one and had to go buy a player). These tapes were numbered */16  (* being a number less than 16 :P). Each one had music and various clues on. Since then, a number of websites have been added, and more tapes, and, and, and… well.

Go have a look at the NMS reddit, or on youtube check out Orbit TV or Cobra TV, both of whom keep regular updates going and have nice summaries of all that is going on.

No one knows exactly what hello games are doing, however, but there are a lot of very excited people around. Hello games have used all sorts of media, actors, and created quite a stir. Go have a look, there are puzzles a plenty to solve.

– Geoff Gummer


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