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I teared up at least twice watching this film. It was an emotional roller coaster and it was a great one! I was so excited to watch this movie and it did not disappoint. But expected right? I mean it is from the creators of Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa).  

Weathering with You is a bit darker than Your Name and there are a lot of moments where I was holding my breath, not knowing what was going to happen. 

There are two main protagonists in the story. Hina, the girl who the Japanese title was named after, is a Tokyo girl trying to get by in life while taking care of her younger brother. No spoilers, but her back story got me teary eyed. She meets Hodaka in Tokyo in quite a dire situation.  Hodaka, a runaway trying to make a new life in Tokyo became the catalyst for Hina’s power. I loved all of the supporting characters – each one added a special flavour to the movie.

I thought I would find Hodaka annoying throughout the movie.  He was selfish and hardheaded – but this actually made Weathering with You’s plot. He proved to be tenacious, a teenager searching for his purpose in life and honestly, a guy who would do anything for love.  His relationships with all of the characters were heartwarming.

Hina, on the other hand, is the opposite of Hodaka. She was desperately clinging on to the life she knew and trying to keep it together for her and her brother.  What happens between them is literal magic.  I love how each character adds to the plot of the movie and Hodaka is the one that connects all of them to Hina.  They were two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together.

Have you been to Tokyo? The movie paints it in a darker light, and much less welcoming. But you will get a great glimpse of how it is just from watching the movie. I cannot put into words how beautifully graphic the art is. It took my breath away.  I had to remind myself to inhale and exhale as I gasp at how stunning the frames are. 

I beg you to experience this movie as this lives up to expectations. I was particularly captivated by the droplets of rain and the sun shots.

Guys, I love RADWIMPS.  They’re a Japanese rock group that entered my heart when Your Name was released. You bet I am listening to it right now. But I love them because they add so much more to the movie.  I loved them in Your Name and I love them in Weathering with You. They were part of the reason why I teared up twice during the movie.  Their music is emotion inducing and the soundtrack matches the movie so well. The soundtrack portrayed the emotions of the characters and adds volume to the already majestic animation.  

It was great to see a little bit of Japanese folklore in the movie.  I love myths and legends from different countries, and it was so cool to see it being explained in a more elaborate manner. The way it was explained during the movie was also relatable: not a lot of people entertain the idea anymore and the younger generation tends to stay away from them.  The little easter eggs in the movie were also a great addition – you knew people were into them because as I mentioned it to my sister, the rows in front and to our back were also talking about them.

I would love to discuss the ending of Weathering with You to anyone who has seen the movie.  Shinkai has already declared that people will be divided by it. Personally, I loved it. I know a lot of people are comparing Weathering with You to Your Name, which is great because I did too.  But for me, they were vastly different, and both are beautifully done. The soundtrack is currently on repeat and yes, I would watch this movie again (and again).



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