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I love my brother, but I chose the wrong companion to join me for this film. Weathering With You is a beautiful love story that is certain to induce a lot of snuggling with your significant other. My only dilemma… finding a significant other. Anyway you’re not here to read about my love life, so let’s talk about the movie. 

After the success of 2016’s Your Name, Makoto Shinkai has returned with his highly anticipated follow up called Weathering With You

During the summer of his freshman year, Hodaka runs away from his secluded island home to Tokyo, however upon his arrival he discovers the weather is unusually gloomy. Regardless of the fact that it is summer, the forecast is for continued rain. But then one day, Hodaka meets a bright and feisty girl named Hina, who seems to possess a strange and wonderful ability: the power to stop the rain and clear the sky!

As you’d expect from a film like this, the animation is stunning! There’s one scene where Hodaka eats a Big Mac, and I was so disappointed. Why can’t McDonald’s most famous sandwich always be that fluffy and mouthwatering!? Animated films have the ability to transport us to amazing worlds where reality and fantasy combine, and that’s exactly what happens here. The gorgeous animation, coupled together with a stunning soundtrack, beautiful merge to create a Tokyo that A) I really want to visit, but more importantly B) create a world you will easily and willingly get lost in.

Now the question on many people’s lips will be can Makoto Shinkai repeat the success of Your Name? If I’m being honest… I couldn’t tell you. But only because I haven’t seen Your Name. However after seeing Shinkai’s latest work I plan to rectify that wrong. Weathering With You is beautiful and all other synonyms you’d like to attach. If Your Name is anything like what I saw (which I’ve been told it is) I need more Shinkai immediately.

My only qualm with Weathering With You are a few of the story elements. There are a few sub plots that don’t seem to go anywhere, or actually belong as part of the narrative. When Hodaka randomly discovers a gun in the trash it felt out of place and really threw me for what would happen next. It was eventually used to explain a progression in the story, but it still seemed out of place with the overall plot.

However these are minor things in an overall amazing film. It seems to me that Shinkai has done a great service to those of us who struggle to plan “date night” because I believe this one is a slam dunk!

The couple who sat in front of me certainly got very cosy during the climactic scene as the music swelled and tugged on all our heart strings. Which was great, as it meant the dude got his big head out of the way which was partly blocking my view! I’m not bitter, I swear. Love is beautiful. 

– Joshua Baty




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