Watch Dogs 2

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I'm smiling

I’ve been speeding down this stretch of road for some time now, grinning widely as I miss passing vehicles by a hair. The radio was blasting out of my awesome convertible as I came into an urban area and drifted around corners.

It was around one of these corners that I smashed headlong into my first crash. Of all the cars in all of San Francisco, I crashed into a police car. Suddenly red and blue lights were flashing all around me and sirens started to whine throughout the city, but they were drowned out by my roaring engines as I sped off to one of my favourite songs.

Look now, look all around. There’s no sign of life.

I drive onto the motorway and speed up along the straights. I can see a helicopter has joined the chase.

Voices, another sound, can you hear me now?

I need to shake the cops somehow. I do a u-turn and swerve into oncoming traffic. The police cars behind me struggle to follow.

This is planet Earth, you’re looking at planet Earth.

Listening to Duran Duran while being relentlessly chased by police was just one of quite a few special moments that totally surprised me in Watch Dogs 2. Oh, man, what an experience.

Let me start off by saying, I enjoyed the first game. I liked running about, doing the side missions, driving on the wrong side of the road, but I paid no attention to the story because, well, what’s-his-face wasn’t a very interesting person.

When I saw the trailer for Watch Dogs 2, I saw Wrench (the walking emoticon) and I was like, wow, they’ve really gone in the opposite direction now, haven’t they? I actually cringed when I first saw him. I honestly thought I wasn’t going to like Wrench, but after just the first couple of missions he became my favourite character! In fact all the characters are pretty awesome.

Marcus is the new guy in DedSec, Sitara is the artsy graphic designer, Josh is the socially awkward intelligent and Wrench is the excitable technophile. These guys suit each other really well. Especially Marcus and Wrench. They have the most amazing bromance, which hasn’t gone unnoticed. Although, the community is a little unsure as to call them Wrencus or Marench.


What I’m trying to say is that I actually want to continue playing the story, rather than just wanting to play the game, and that’s a HUGE improvement from the first game.

In saying that, the gameplay has also been enhanced. The levels are a little more creative and with the addition of the cute little RC car and the drone, you can complete missions without firing a single bullet or even setting foot inside restricted areas. And I like that. The gunplay is still a little weird, but feels way more off in the sense that I’m like, hang on, I actually don’t feel comfortable shooting these guys. Why is Marcus killing these security guards? Unlike Aiden Pierce, who had no heart, Marcus is just a kid with a grudge against the establishment. A hacktivist, not a murderer. Right? So if a shootout did happen, I was more inclined to gap it than to fire back. Why are guns even in this game? It’s like being able to cast Crucio in a Harry Potter game!

Ooh, but something that really got me excited: the clothes!! No longer do I have to choose between a trench coat and a slightly shorter trench coat! You can go biker, hippy, hipster, posh, or Kmart (those aren’t the official styles, but you get my drift). Whenever I see a clothing store I have to immediately stop what I’m doing and grab some new shoes.

Watch Dogs 2 has significantly improved upon its predecessor, making gameplay way more fun and the story a heck of lot more engaging with quirky and very likeable characters. Please don’t let the first game put you off this one, and Wrench will grow on you! If those two things are the only misgivings you have, I honestly think you should check this one out.



I'm smiling

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