Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

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I’m not going to individually review either game in the Legacy of Thieves Collection. I’ve already done so, back when they first released in 2016 and 2017. If you so desire, you can read my review of Uncharted 4 and my review of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

Spoiler alert, I gave them both a 10 out of 10.

Essentially the games are the same, but with the PlayStation 5 coat of paint. There were never any load screens and the photomode still sucks, but there have been some visual touch ups. I remember people cooing over the pores in Nathan Drake’s face when Uncharted 4 first came out. Now it’s actually nice to see that on my 4K TV with a console that can actually do 4K.

(Hey, I know the PS4 Pro could do 4K, but I did not have a PS4 Pro. I wasn’t forking out for that when I had two decent PS4s already).

The Collection all comes with new accessibility options and the choice between, fidelity (full 4K, 30fps), performance, and performance+ (1080p, 120fps) mode. You know, if framerate is something you might care about in a linear, single-player, narrative focused game. Highly recommend just sticking with the fidelity mode.

Other than that, you’re not really getting anything new. Except maybe, the audio at the end of Lost Legacy started distorting weirdly. Perhaps I should play again to see if it happens consistently, but it was disappointing to hear bad audio at the climax of my favourite Uncharted game.

If you have either one of the games on disc, and a PS5 that can read physical disks, you can get yourself the Legacy of Thieves Collection for only $20NZD ($10USD or €10). But also, your PlayStation 5 can play that game disc easy. I’d only recommend doing it if you didn’t have the other game. In which case, go do it!

The Lost Legacy is actually my favourite Uncharted game. Yes, it brings/steals all the best elements of the previous games into this significantly shorter adventure, but the banter is absolute gold and I am literally laughing my entire way through this game. Genuinely the funniest. Everyone had such a good time making this game, and you can tell.

This should eventually come to PC, in which case, you probably haven’t played either of these games. I fully recommend playing all of the Uncharted games in order (actually, skip the first one). Definitely worth playing these games when you’ve already fallen in love with the cast.


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