Tom Clancy’s The Division Private Beta

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I was lucky enough (because I cant afford to buy the game at the moment), to get a private beta key and a chance to test the game out.

If you are familiar with the first game, which occurred in Manhattan, a crisis of some form has occurred, government agents and private security contractors have been sent in to restore law and order, but they have all failed or gone rogue. You are a Civilian Agent, “the Division”, an elite group of highly trained sleeper agents, the last line of defense.  In Manhattan there was an outbreak of a virus and all sorts of other side plots and so on going on. The story was quite fascinating, and the game play was great. Unfortunately once you got to the max level, you needed a group to play with in the PVP zones or to do the very hardest PVE levels, for all the best loot.

The Division 2 continues the story, as now Washington D.C. has fallen into chaos and groups are vying for control. You have been sent in to restore law and order. According to Ubisoft, they have allowed for the fact that post story there wasn’t much to do and have created a lot more end game content.
The map itself is a 1:1 representation of the City, with all its landmarks. When you mouse over an area the map changes to a 3D representation of the buildings in the area (still top down though) which is pretty cool.

The new graphics are pretty amazing, and the game play itself is solid, as you would expect. There are a few variations on the original. There is no scanner, which was a bit of a strange feeling running around, but you can get a drone, which has 4 functions, the coolest being it flies off and attacks the enemy. AI allies also have them. Unfortunately being beta, a lot of the stuff was not available, and we could only play to level 7 initially.

I really like the quality of these Tom Clancy games, and this is no different. Even as a beta there is very little wrong with it, and they have even included a photo mode so you can stylish snaps of yourself bringing law and order to the citizens. The detail in the skins and the environment is amazing. I streamed the first mission on twitch and my few viewers all agreed that the gunplay was great, and the battles were intense. The only real criticism I have is the skill system isn’t exactly self explanatory. Trying to work out which skill you needed and how to activate it was a little confusing, but once you worked it out, it’s OK.

Is it worth $80 AUS? Yes, it is worth it (well, it is worth the going price for a AAA title, I think $80 AUS is pretty high for any game). $80 AUS gets you the basic game, but the Gold pack is more expensive and the ultimate pack will set you back around 180 AUS dollars.

While writing this I had the game going in the background. This little boy ran up beside me and stood there looking at me for a few seconds, then you hear his mum calling him away, and he runs to her and she gives him a protective hug. It’s details like this that are really cool, and there are a lot of them in this game.

-Geoff Gummer


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