There’s Poop in My Soup Review

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It’s got an intriguing title but is a turdfest enough to make a good game? That’s what I’m about to find out as I load it up, making sure that I’m offline on Steam to avoid snide messages from my gaming friends.

The game is simple – so simple in fact that the developers don’t even bother telling you what the controls are before launching you into the first level. The traditional WASD keys control your character, a naked baby, and the Spacebar launches a sausage-shaped turd from his mouth. What? From his mouth, you say? Yes. From his mouth. I’m really hoping this game wasn’t developed from personal experience.

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There’s some hilarity when you land a poo on an unsuspecting passerby as they run around in circles, limbs flailing everywhere. But the game takes it up a notch with the “To-Poo List”, a list of all the creative ways you can “bless” the street below. Getting a turd in a boy’s ice cream wins you a tick. Getting a pram and a mum in two consecutive poos wins you another. And so forth. I find my goal-oriented self kicking in trying to fulfil this strange list.

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And then, just as I’m thinking I’ve seen all the game has to offer, I’m suddenly rewarded with a “special” poo. In this case, it’s a giant turd that when launched, bounces and explodes with each bounce. The chaos is immense. There are people lying everywhere with poo on their heads and those still fortunate to be alive are running around aimlessly, kicking around dead bodies in their haste to get away. I’m horrified to find that I’m grinning. This stupid game is strangely cathartic.

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The game has 3 levels in total, allowing your turd-filled baby to visit New York, Beijing and Paris. My favourite has to be Paris with its “poo-dles” that roam the street with their noses in the air. It’s a really short ride, perhaps a good 20 minutes of entertainment before I got to the last level, but if you can control your gag-reflex, it’s not as terrible as you’d initially think. For those who’ve sunk a few hours into Beavis and Butthead’s Hock-A-Loogie, you’ll understand why this game works. But in spite of all it does have going for it, it still feels to me like it should be a free game. So is it worth spending the $1.19 on it? I guess I’ll let you decide.

Platforms: PC

Prices: Steam – NZ$1.19




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