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Flippin' great

Dear Mr Jason Statham

You have the acting range of a cardboard box.

However, before you assassinate me, which I have no doubt you could and easily get away with it too. Please know one thing, your cardboard boxness is what makes you perfect in the lead in this new film. It’s got all your favourite things Mr Stathem: Guns, Guy Ritchie and 

That’s what I like to imagine the email Jason’s agent said, when he was asked to play the lead role in Wrath of Man. After all, when you star in such acclaimed films as Hobbs & Shaw and The Meg, you know you’ll never have to audition again.

Needless to say – I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Jason and in particular his most recent roles. However, when the objective is to mask emotion behind an intimidating scowl, Mr Statham is your man. Mr Statham is the perfect man.

Guy Ritchie’s newest action thriller Wrath of Man is near perfect. Statham’s character H has been hired as a security guard for cash trucks, and seems a little green under the gills. Until he’s not. That’s it, that’s all you’re getting, and I implore you not to watch the trailer, as it gives away far too much of the thrill this movie has for you. I may not be the biggest Statham fan, but I adore Guy Ritchie and he has astounded once again.

Ritchie’s ability to tell a story in the most interesting way possible, makes this the perfect action movie. A big call I know, but when you genuinely have no idea what will happen next and are squirming in your seat with your heart in your mouth, I think you’ll agree. Editing, score and cinematography are all top-notch. There was even a brief moment when the cinematography was so good, it took both my friend and I out of the story to just be like dammmn. You can tell I’m scrambling for criticism of Ritchie’s work when I’m kinda saying it was too good at points. 

The one thing I was planning to fault was the Stathemator, but he is cast perfectly. He is menacing and extremely intimidating. So convincing in fact, I fear for my life if he ever reads this. At least I can say without a shadow of a doubt: you need to see this movie! Hopefully that takes me off the hit list. 

– Joshua Baty



Flippin' great

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