The games we yearned for in September, and your chance to win one of them!

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New Zealand spent the month of September in lockdown, and I was definitely one of the sad people looking up games that might just cheer me up. Our friends at PriceSpy looked at our search trends for September and have listed the top five games we looked up.

About a year after release, Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure has taken the number one spot! Not only are people trying to find games, but it seems we might be looking for ways to keep fit during all this quarantining and lockdown business.

Fun fact, the fitness game actually outsold The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in Japan. That’s CRAZY!

We’ve partnered with PriceSpy for quite a few of these competitions, and usually we see PlayStation games in the top spots, if not taking out all five. But in recent months we have seen Switch games come in first place – and September even has three Switch games on the list, over PlayStation’s two! 

While it’s certainly nice to see Nintendo being a prominent contender in the console wars, it is totally possible that people are holding off buying new PS4 and Xbox One games. Both Sony and Microsoft are planning to release a new console in just a couple of weeks. (One of which I have preordered!)

With that said, PriceSpy has a little advice for people buying new release games. They’ve been looking at price drops and sales for nearly two decades, and they’ve noticed that games tend to drop in price three months after release.

PriceSpy makes it super easy to see what shop is selling what you want, for cheaper. You can even download the PriceSpy app on your phone or tablet and get notified whenever there’s a price drop on that one game you’ve been eyeing up!

But I can win one of these games right?

Yes! Since PriceSpy are super awesome, they’re giving two people the chance to win one of the top five most searched-for games of September!!! All you have to do is enter in below!

PriceSpy September Games

I’ll be drawing the winner on Thursday the 29th of October, so please check your emails (and your spam!) to see if you’ve won! Good luck!


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