The Emmys, Game News, and FRICKEN SPIDER-MAN’S BACK

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Hello and welcome to the Pretty Much Weekly! This week, a few big things happened! Monday was American Television’s night, with awards being thrown everywhere, PlayStation and Xbox duked it out with separate live streams detailing their latest news, and also I came across a lovely little download for when you just need a moment for yourself.

Oh, and the best news to happen all week…


Early this morning, Sony and Disney came out and announced that Marvel President Kevin Feige will be back on to produce Tom Holland’s third Spider-Man movie!!

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According to Variety, Disney will pay for about a quarter of production costs and will receive a quarter of the profits. Disney also still have full merchandising rights. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will also appear in another MCU movie.

I am thrilled that Spidey’s journey in the MCU will continue, and I and all of us at Marvel Studios are very excited that we get to keep working on it!

Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios

The Emmys happened!

On Monday, the triumphs and achievements of television were celebrated. Yes, that’s right, it was the Emmys! Some shows were showered in awards! Like Amazon Prime’s Fleabag. It won outstanding directing, writing and lead actress in a comedy series! 

Game of Thrones won Outstanding Drama series for the fourth year in a row. But while they were nominated three times for it, Ozark beat them and won best direction in a drama series. 

In fact, the only other award Game of Thrones got this year was Peter Dinklage’s Best Supporting actor

But the one thing I cared about was Chernobyl, which deservedly won best limited series and managed to pick up best direction and writing (for a limited series) too! Also, to my surprise and delight, Bandersnatch won best television movie!

You can find all the nominees and winners here!

PlayStation’s State of Play

On Tuesday, PlayStation live streamed a short news broadcast detailing a few new games and looking a little deeper into others we’re pretty excited for.

Starting off with the weird ones, we’ve got Humanity, which is where you throw a massive crowd of people against another crowd of people? Their website doesn’t give much of a hint except that they will reveal more about mechanics and the actual point of the game closer to its launch date.

Worth a gander: it has lightsabers

And if that wasn’t weird enough for you here’s Wattam. It was officially announced four years ago, but I feel like my brain’s inability to understand it blocked it out of my memory.

But not all was weird. We got to see a cool indie game called Arise: A Simple Story, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare got a cool story trailer and L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files was announced.

Also, a new trailer for Afterparty was released and it is SICK.

We are all very, very, very excited to play this one

We got a little Inside look at Xbox 

Not long after PlayStation’s State of Play, Microsoft went ahead and streamed their own broadcast, showcasing games coming to the Xbox family. Instead of a pre-recorded video with voiceover, Microsoft one-upped Sony (imho, I still love you Sony <3) with several live presenters, and even interviewed a couple of devs in their hour-long program. 

We got a good look at a cool new game called Atlas. Immediately I was like, um this is Sea of Thieves. But Atlus is done by the same guys who did Ark: Survival Evolved. They’ve made Atlus a more survival-type pirate game, where you need to get your vitamins to keep the scurvy away and the like. 

Does the dev look like a pirate Legolas to you? (No, not Will Turner. Pirate Legolas!)

We also looked at Project xCloud and how the idea is that you can stream your Xbox to your mobile phone over wi-fi and “cellular connection.” I couldn’t quite find out what that means. Does it mean… I can game on the go without using data? Because… wow.

Also, a couple of other cool games were featured, including Felix the Reaper (“a romantic comedy about the life of death”), and an intriguing detective story set before the big bang called Genesis Noir.

Some kid built Jurassic Park

…in a computer game. Instead of having to travel halfway across the world to walk around a life-sized Jurassic Park, you can download this map and virtually walk around it. 

There aren’t any dinosaurs, but for something that a kid started when he was 14, it’s still pretty impressive!

Just take a squiz at this walkthrough! (Or, rather, download it here and you can walk around the park yourself!)


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