The Angry Birds Movie 2

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Yes, this is a thing. And it’s a second thing, on top of that. But heed my words, do not judge this film by its predecessor. It is by far a greater film. Though maybe still not a great film, but one that’s worth an outing if you have to take the kids out.

Since becoming a hero after saving the bird eggs from the pigs, Red and the gang are now on guard duty 24/7. Red is happily soaking up the island’s need for him, but doesn’t want to stop to figure out what he’s really feeling. When a third island mysteriously appears, the birds and pigs have to make a grudging truce to save both homes from imminent destruction.

Its very existence is in itself a meme, and The Angry Birds Movie 2 knows this. Every scene features some kind of meme moment, usually supported by an amazing piece of music. I have no idea how much they spent on copyrighted music, but it must have been a lot. I make no complaint here, I was suitably amused.

However, I will say this. Usually in reviews, I like to add a trailer so you know what the movie looks like and get a feel of the general tone. I laughed out loud at the trailer. I did not laugh out loud in the theatre. If you’re going to see this, don’t watch the trailer. The Angry Birds Movie 2 is a pretty good time and you will at least chuckle if you haven’t seen the trailer. 

There was something else that bugged me as I left the cinema but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe I was a little scarred from an amazingly awkward scene. Maybe I was confused by the weird juxtaposition of “actual science” and the physically impossible. Maybe I wasn’t sure about how blatant they were about introducing female characters that actually meant something to the plot.

But regardless, I can’t deny that I had fun. My cousins too! Josh really enjoyed it, giving it an 8 or 9. Anna, on the hand, though she had fun, gives it a solid six. 

From me, I give it a pretty good 7. A decent enough film to see with the kids during the school holidays.



I'm smiling

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