Terminator: Dark Fate

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I have completed a significant experiment. And like any good science madman I shortcutted official approval, but I was unwilling to place anyone else in jeopardy. So when I called for volunteers for this great undertaking, only my right arm knew what to do. I lay myself in the petri dish of movie-watching science.

The question: Can one be tricked or programmed or be forced to enjoy Terminator: Dark Fate? Could a movie that you know will annoy you actually be enjoyed? As I asked this question to myself, a voice within me postulated…

“To cheat Movie Meh is a power only a few, if any, have achieved. But if we work together, I know we can disssscover the ssecret!!”

My response: “I pledge myself, to this task…”

“Good… gooooood. First, watch and read every negative article and video that’s speaks to how terrible this movie is. Wallow in the voices of negativity and judgement.  Only then will you be ready.”

“But what about the spoilers!” I implored

“Do not fear them. Go and do what must be done!”

So I went. And I did the things that I have never done before. I watched them, spoilers and all! And to the preview screening I went. These are my test results.

Terminator: Dark Fate. Built upon the nostalgia of the first two Terminator movies. Cemented in the opening scene: It’s a clip from Terminator 2. When Linda Hamilton, playing the famous Sarah Conner, loses the plot when she was being interviewed at the metal asylum. I honestly didn’t remember how intense that scene was.

It made me think, why does this moment stand out so much? I’m sure it didn’t before! Is it because there were lots of those intense moments in T2 that would blur it into the background? Or does it standout now because we never get to see female characters just let loose, pedal to the metal fury and emotion in modern mainstream movies? It just made me give props to Linda Hamilton for just going for it and it was awesome. Sarah was fed-up, pissed off. Not cold and stoic.

Are the writers just too scared now to write any really emotional explosive and broken moments for female actors, because they’re too afraid of them looking weak? Or are they are just interpreting just getting really riled up as being weak. It’s a broken philosophy. And here to highlight it is a modern written character. Grace the future soldier. Who comes from a time of absolute human desperation and brokenness. But She’s emotionally very controlled and written so tough that she appears casual. It just made Sarah shine out the more in T2 and now in Dark Fate because she is wounded and broken. You bond with her very quickly because she makes sense.

This time round the focus for this movie’s termination is Daniella Ramos. I felt her character was a missed opportunity as she’s left in the shadows of the story and never really gets her moment. Arnie is back for the last act of Dark Fate. And with him a massive dose of fun is delivered. Dark Fate almost changes into a comedy for a while. Arnie is really just a little bit magic as he reminds you why you love going to the movies.

It’s such a strange movie the more I think on it. It’s like some of the writers and the studio were so focused on Grace’s character. Who she is, who she represents and the implications of it. It feels like the rest of the crew and cast are just told to go make a movie, whatever just go and do it, we don’t really care, we’re all about Grace. And so the rest just went and had fun. It’s almost.. It’s like they almost accidentally made a great movie. It’s so odd.

They were just so precious about Grace. Essentially every scene she’s with the super, super, super advanced future-future killer robot, they have her beating it up!? How is there meant to be any tension when you know that there is no real danger?

As soon as the scene doesn’t involve her, the dread is back. The killer-bot is a freakn nightmare thing. It’s swatting Sarah across the room, it’s ripping chunks out of the T-800 with ease, then Grace comes in and ohh… she charges easily up the impossible slope to firmly plant her flag upon the summit of ‘Woke Back Mountain’. There goes the tension. Seeya.

Just a side note on the new terminator, I think it looks great. I love the design feature that shows it to have no visible brain and nothing in its chest cavity. It’s a perfect mindless and soulless machine creature.

I can see how this could have been a truly great movie. It could have started the same way but half way through have Grace sacrifice herself or be taken out or just be rendered weaker physically or mentally, yer that would be interesting. This would massively up the tension, as Arnie and Sarah are just desperately managing to stay alive but are beaten up every time.

It would give space for the one that matters to step forward step up and take on leadership. Take charge of the strategy be the responsible one. All of these others who think they know what to do really don’t. It’s Dani that does because of her background and education. She saves them all through bravery and cunning, her skills and know-how. And we all go yer! She’s the one! I can see why they all follow her in the future, I would!

I did enjoy the T-800’s story arc. I won’t tell you about that one, I never read about it and it was a genuinely pleasant surprise. Sarah and the old robot were my favourite elements in this movie. And by the end I was really amazed how much I cared for them.

My friend who saw it with me said she did enjoy a few of the girl power moments at the start when it was just the three leading ladies together. And she enjoyed the general sense of fun Terminator: Dark Fate had too.

So, I guess it can it be done. I suppose I would have to say there might be something to this, method. Without a control group you could argue it would have been the same result if I had just went! But, watching myself watching the movie, I could see all those things that critics of the movie talked about had a diminished effect. I definitely registered them, but they seemed smaller and were easily brushed aside leaving all the things that they didn’t rant about – the good things.

I had successfully inoculated myself, or maybe I was just in a good mood.




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