Telltale Games Makes a Return and Disney+ Won’t Let You Binge (immediately)

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This week in the Pretty Much Weekly, Sony and Disney hit the headlines again: Sony for a not-so-good reason and Disney for many, many good reasons. Also, the creators of the amazing The Walking Dead video game are coming back and wow, is this Fantasy Queue Simulator?

Uncharted has lost its fifth director.

Sony has been trying to turn Uncharted into a movie since 2009, and the latest bump in the road is the departure of director Dan Trachtenberg. He follows David O. Russel, Neil Burger, Seth Gordon and Shawn Levy, all who have previously walked away from the director’s chair.

Dan Trachtenberg, director of 10 Cloverfield Lane and, more recently, the first episode of The Boys

Despite all this, Tom Holland (what a rough couple of weeks!) is still cast as a young Nathan Drake, and plans to start shooting early next year are still in place. Also the release date of December 18th 2019 is apparently still a thing.

Sony’s PlayStation Productions, a new studio designed to turn PlayStation titles into films, is reportedly in control now, making this Uncharted film its first product.

Disney+ will release episodes weekly

Disney’s D23 expo happened last weekend and heaps of good stuff came out of it. Black Panther 2 was announced, Ewan McGregor is returning as Obi-Wan, and so many cool trailers were dropped!


Disney+ was also talked about. It’s only NZD$9.99 a month – that’s SO good! They also said that instead of dumping an entire show in one go like Netflix, they’re going to release episodes on a weekly basis.

Me, I like this. If you recall the phenomenon that was Game of Thrones, where everyone in the country sat down to watch the next episode together. That’s cool. And that’s what I kinda want to happen with shows like The Mandalorian.

Disney also offered a limited pre-order discount for a three-year contract, which was so popular it subsequently crashed the Disney Fan Club’s website.

Telltale Games is back! (Kind of…)

Two investors have purchased Telltale Games with hopes to revive the once-popular company. They already have plans to re-release some games and start development on new ones!

Wolf Among Us Season 2, anyone?

We believe there is still so much life to the brand and its franchises, and we look forward to building upon the company’s storytelling legacy.

Jamie Ottilie, new CEO of Telltale games

But is this just a new company calling itself Telltale and taking the history, reputation and games associated with that name? Jessica Krause, a lead writer on one of the studio’s episodes, wants to be hopeful but isn’t sure what’s happened so far is a good sign.

As implied, a few of the 250-ish ex-employees of Telltale have been rehired, but only on contracts. Ottilie and Waddle, the guys who bought Telltale, have expressed the desire to hire everyone back but “that just isn’t the economic reality of the games industry and it would be irresponsible of us to do so.”

On top of the new CEO’s statements (there’s a desire to not repeat the mistakes of the previous executive team) and reports that those that have been hired are enthusiastic about the future of Telltale Games, it sounds to me that there really is good reason to hope.

If you want to read more about the situation, I suggest this article.

World of Warcraft Classic players are … standing in queues?

A remake of the classic World of Warcraft launched to … a few snags. Players waited hours in login queues of 10,000 people, only to enter the game and have their character wait in an actual queue.

Many took to Reddit to talk about the lesson in patience.

We cheered on the person next in line each time. And if someone skipped we all yelled “shame.” It was all harmless fun. I spent about an hour chilling and laughing with randoms, something I haven’t done in WoW for years.

Smishery, Reddit user

I, for one, am happy that people are seeing the bright side of the situation. I mean, come on, this is pretty hilarious.


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