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A year has passed since Okabe reached the Steins Gate world-line where Mayuri is alive, Kurisu hasn’t been killed, and time only moves forward. Visiting Japan, Kurisu stops by the Future Gadget Lab where everyone is up to their usual shenanigans. but something’s not quite right – memories of other timelines continue to haunt Okabe… or are they visions? Out of nowhere, a message is left for Kurisu: cell phone, microwave, SERN. Strong emotions blur the world-lines and trigger déjà vu. Before she knows it, Okabe disappears. Unable to let go of the one who never existed, Kurisu makes a daring retuen to the past. Hoping to save the mad scientist who tried countless times to save her, she must make a decision – risk everything, or live in a world without Okabe.

Now I’m coming in to the ‘Steins;Gate’ world a total noob. I haven’t watched the anime that comes before this movie but it’s always been on my interest list. So there are some references to the anime that went right over my head, but that being said, I enjoyed this movie thoroughly and wasn’t left too confused about any of the major plots points due to my lack of knowledge. If anything, it’s given me a yearning to go and watch the previous ‘Steins;Gate’ anime so I can understand the suffering Okabe had to go through to reach this current world-line paradise.

Because of my lack of understanding the gravity of the situation of Okabe being in this world-line where both Mayuri and Kurisu are alive, I was in a weird position where I could connect with the rest of the characters around Okabe who had no idea of the traumas he had lived through to reach this paradise world-line. He just appears weird and quirky and mildly delusional when he lets slip things about world-lines that nobody can understand.

I really enjoyed watching it, and I’m sure those who have seen the ‘Steins;Gate’ anime will enjoy it even more than me for your understanding of what is going on will be much greater than mine, lol. The flow of this movie isn’t quick action paced, but it’s not agonisingly slow either. It just kind of goes with the flow and follows the natural order of events, lingering in important moments and humanising the characters as much as possible.

UPDATE: Went and actually watched the ‘Steins;Gate’ anime, loved it, made this movie a lot more feelsey. This movie has that same flow and feel of the anime, so if you enjoyed the anime then you’ll love this!

This DVD comes in both English Dubs and Japanese with English Subtitles. Total running time of 90 minutes. And has extras of the trailer and US Commentary over the movie.



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