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The first part of Spider-Man‘s new DLC pack The City That Never Sleeps has hit the PS Store! Now that you’ve saved the city from impending doom, it’s time to return to being your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man!

Since the disappearance of Fisk, the streets are just begging to be owned by someone, and the Maggia crime family are raising their hand. And guns. At each other. Caught in the cross-fire is a cunning feline whose romantic past with a certain spider complicates Peter Parker’s life all the more.

Add it all together and you’ve got yourself exactly what you wanted: more fights, more challenges, more drama, and more circuit puzzles. Wait, no. Flag that last point, I didn’t want more of the same circuit puzzles. But I forgive Insomniac because I got more of the same of everything else, and that makes me very happy!

In essence, you get three more hours of Spider-Man. The fighting is much the same, the swinging around is the same, the crime events are the same (with one new type of crime: car-bombs!). The Screwball challenges around the place are a little more dazzling than the challenges in the main campaign and there are a few new suits, but no new powers.

A lot of the things that were most enjoyable in the main game are regifted to you, but in slightly different wrapping paper. But the best bits were where MJ and Peter both try to deal with Black Cat throwing a few fireworks into their newly rekindled relationship. This was probably the most new thing the DLC brings to the game and the very reason I wanted to keep playing.

Like any good first chapter, The Heist ends on a tantalising cliffhanger that makes getting the second installment worth buying. So if you’re getting this one, I recommend buying the pack as a whole, rather than in parts! Unless you have the Digital Deluxe edition, then you’ve already got it, you lucky bastards.

To start the DLC, you need to head to the in-game menu screen. The Heist is a whole new campaign set apart from the main game. You still have your Spider-Man with his skills, suits and gadgets, but it basically declutters New York of all the unrelated side mission stuff.

I had fun with The Heist! But I’m not sure those feelings will stay if part two, Turf Wars, brings much the same. I’m hopeful that Insomniac will give the game a good switch up. Turf Wars is set to come out later this month, so I guess we’ll find out soon enough!



I'm smiling

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