Spider-Man: Silver Lining

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Silver Lining starts off like the previous DLCs. You’re slowly introduced to the main storyline and all the side missions. Except this time, you know immediately that this is going to be better than Turf Wars.

Hammerhead’s men have been nicking Sable’s stuff, and so Sable appears to take it all back. Hammerhead is now an angry cyborg and Spider-Man knows he and Sable have to team up to defeat him.

The one thing that Silver Lining pulls off that the other two parts didn’t, is that the map isn’t saturated with lots of everything. The side missions are the same as we know them: crimes, bases and Screwball challenges. Except they all finally feel a little different! There’s more than one new type of crime (praise the Lord), and only three extra bases to clean out. Not only is there more variation in the crimes and challenges, but there’s even the perfect amount of science-y stuff, a little Peter Parker, and Miles even makes a physical appearance. 

And then, we also get another protagonist who actually feels present in the story. Someone who’s not a brick wall and catches the charming banter Spider-Man throws at her! While Sable still makes it very difficult for Spider-Man to befriend her, it’s incredibly endearing (and very Spider-Man-y) to watch Peter try so hard to warm her cold heart.

The dynamic between someone who’s very willing to be friends and the other who is incredibly frosty makes for an interesting and engaging story. Not as exciting at the Black Cat > MJ > Peter Parker thing in The Heist, but still very fun!

While I liked the dynamic between Black Cat, MJ and Peter the best out of everything in the entire City That Never Sleeps story, I have to say that overall, Silver Lining was the best chapter out of all three parts. Finally it had what felt like new gameplay! And it had a fun story and the promise of tying up all the loose ends (which, it felt like it did – Black Cat, Yuri, MJ, Miles – all had very satisfying ends).

After the disappointment of Turf Wars, Silver Lining has eased my hesitation for future Spider-Man DLC. But all in all, unless you’re a big Spidey fan, you’re not really missing out with this one. If anything, just get The Heist for that juicy love triangle business.



I'm smiling

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