Spider-Man: Miles Morales Spoiler Free Review

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This is it! This is the review!

I really enjoyed Marvel’s Spider-Man (reviewed by Laura!) but was slightly disappointed by the three DLCs that followed it. Ultimately they gave us more of the same, which is both what I wanted, but also already had in a spectacular game.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is not DLC. Nor is it disappointing – not even in the slightest! I want to touch upon the bits I didn’t quite manage to get to in the video review, so go watch it, and then come back here.

The Soundtrack.

Flipping heck. You’ve probably heard snippets of it if you’ve seen all the trailers and gameplay demos for the game, but wow. It’s definitely inspired by Spider-Man: Into the SpiderVerse, but why reinvent Miles when this film did it so well?

The songs don’t feel like a copy though, which is astounding. Lecrae’s “This is My Time” has the same feel as “What’s Up Danger,” and is used in a similar context, but somehow Lecrae has made it not only his own, but this version of Miles’ own.

Here’s the song, if you want to hear it

So there are four lyrical songs, two each from Lecrae and Jayden. All are amazing and are used so perfectly during certain scenes in the game. Flip. I’m not going to spoil the moments for you, though. Go play the game.

Aside from these songs, John Paesano is back to compose all the other music. Hip-hop beats and a Harlem feel are beautifully weaved into the original theme, making this a Spider-Man game, and a Miles Morales game.

Photo Mode.

Miles Morales looks gorgeous on the PlayStation 5. Fortunately, there’s a photo mode for me to waste all my time in. So, here’s the perfect time for me to show off some of my snaps!

Instead of me trying to explain how cool the lighting feature is, here’s a video that gives a quick overview of what you can do in photo mode.

What the video doesn’t explain, though, is that you can jump into settings and assign photo mode to the left or right directional button, so you don’t have to go trawling through the menus to access it.

The Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man App

Built by best friend and best boy Ganke, the FNSM app is a super cool way to integrate side missions into the main story line. Each mission is an opportunity to see New York a little closer than swinging above it. It hosts some of the best moments in the game, and helps make the ending a little sweeter.

It’s accessible with an easy swipe to the left on the touch pad. It’s great to see just a little bit of use out of the poor neglected touch pad again! And since Crimes can also be found through the app, it makes Spider-Man-ing and beating up bad guys feel more intentional and helpful.

Paint me like one of your French girls

Overall, Miles Morales is a great game and I think Insomniac should be so proud of what they have managed to create. Shorter than most titles of its calibre, yes, but I reckon the length works in its favour.

I finished the game completely satisfied. It didn’t overstay its welcome, nor was I pining for more. It felt whole and completed. I did jump back in to grab a few snaps in some of the newer suits, and I will no doubt return to replay the game again. But the whole experience was great.

There are a few edges that could be sanded a bit, like the foley in some scenes. But in among perpetual delays and glitchy releases, what more could you ask of a game that feels as polished as it is, all ready for the PS5 launch day.

If you have a PS5, and you don’t have this game… why?




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