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We all know the dark history of video game movie adaptations. There are only a sparse few that I’ve genuinely enjoyed as a film, most notably Detective Pikachu in recent memory. Fortunately for Sonic the Hedgehog, it too has made that prestigious achievement.


Yep. I enjoyed this one. It’s not as amazing as Detective Pikachu (which deserves the 8.5 Saskia gave it), in my personal opinion. But never once was I bored, never once did I feel like this was a movie strictly for kids. The quality of the film was consistent throughout. Which is more than some family films can say. 

I dunno about you, but I strictly went for Jim Carrey. In all honesty, I’ve never enjoyed playing the Sonic games (I’m too young to appreciate the classic side-scrollers in all their forms). But when I saw the trailer, Jim Carrey stole my heart. It’s the crazy, weird Jim Carrey we all know and love from the 90’s and 00’s. He was pretty well cast for the eccentric Doctor Robotnik

Having said that, if you find Jim Carrey annoying you might not have as much to fear as you would think. Fortunately for the sanity of a good portion of movie-goers, Jim Carrey is not the main character (like he was in The Mask or The Grinch). So his random spastic antics are well balanced with the child-like hyperactivity of Sonic (Ben Schwartz) and the level-headed human lead Tom (James Marsden).

Actually, I’m really stoked with the performances by Schwartz and Marsden. I mean, it’s not Joaquin Phoenix in Joker – this is a light-hearted family film after all. But the pair worked really well together despite, I’m assuming, not actually being together. Marsden has experience being the human best friend of an animated protagonist, having been in Hop, and it shows. 

Like most human beings on Planet Earth, I know what the super-speedy hedgehog looks like. I really have to give it to the studio for doing an absolutely fantastic redesign. On a sad note, this particular studio was shut down as soon as they finished working on Sonic, which I think absolutely sucks. Sure they made a really crap first Sonic, but they 100% successfully pulled through. They even helped out with Detective Pikachu, which I think looks flipping amazing.

Sad tangents aside, the strongest message this movie had was that SEGA wants to create a cinematic universe. From the SEGA titles near ripping off the Marvel intro with shots from different SEGA games to the end credit scene Marvel is well known for. No spoilers for that end credit scene, but let’s just say that any hope for a sequel is well founded. 

If you’re looking for a fun family trip to the movies, I definitely would recommend Sonic. It’s fun, it’s light, and there’s some really cool action scenes. Also, now I wish I had super speed. No other hero has inspired such a wish before.



I'm smiling

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