Shadow of War Announcement Trailer

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The sequel to the awesome Shadow of Mordor has finally stepped into the light. Sharpen your swords and tighten your bows and prepare for another delve into the Shadow of War.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the announcement trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

I personally loved Shadow of Mordor. The gameplay was magnificent and the Nemesis system kept me hunting for my murderers for hours. The Nemesis system was where orc captains were procedurally generated with strengths, weaknesses and personalities. They also happened to remember every time you killed them, which would make them stronger and all the more angry at you. Oh, and if ever they were the reason for any of your many inevitable deaths, they would take the time to rub it in your face if you decided to take revenge. And so a beautiful, bloodthirsty rivalry would flourish between you and this orc which no one else in the world would experience. Ah, such sweet memories.

Fellow fans will be happy to hear that Monolith have expanded on this system as well as the world, the narrative and the RPG system. According to the trailer, a sneak peek at the gameplay is going to drop quite soon, which has me exceedingly excited!

The game is set to come out on the PS4, PS4 Pro, PC, Xbox One and Project Scorpio on August 23rd and you can already pre-order it!


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