Sackboy: A Big Adventure

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Flippin' great

I’ve bemoaned the lack of good kids games in recent years. Little Big Planet and now spin-off Sackboy: A Big Adventure are a few of the great ones. It’s a co-op game, so I asked Di to come over, drink Bailey’s and play it with me.

After a sweet and also terrifying cutscene, we drop into the super cute realm of Craftworld. Everything from the buildings to the grass is made of colourful paper strips, felts and cardboards and the music is flippin’ adorable. As you can imagine, our co-op adventure started out like any co-op adventure starts out. By beating each other up.

Here’s me (brown) and Di (white) ready for a friendly game of cooperativeness

It was actually so fun just running around and being silly. At one point I dared Di to jump off the edge to see what would happen. But as you can see, it was not my smartest move.

Me standing naively at the edge of the cliff and daring Di to jump off it

The game isn’t challenging or stressful – okay, maybe there were a couple of moments where I was yelling my head off – but it was so nice to simply play with a friend and not have to think too hard about anything.

That’s not to say the game isn’t without puzzles! Every level is filled with hidden nooks and teeming with secrets. Most levels can be passed with just one player, but when there’s two or more players running around the screen, that’s when the game really shines. Working together to collect secrets we missed and defeating enemies before they hurt the other was just good, wholesome fun.

Di pushing a block to open up a ledge for me to walk through

The soundtrack somehow perfectly suits Craftworld, each level sporting its own delightful tune. It’s a great collection of original tracks (as heard in the little video above) and third party music. I was super surprised to hear Aftergold by Big Wild, a song I frequently listen to on Spotify. So, I have to say whoever curated the playlist has excellent taste!

You know who else has excellent taste? Zom Zom.

Zom Zom’s the guy you go to get a fresh new look, and was definitely one of our favourite parts of game. If you’ve played any of the previous Little Big Planet games, it’s nothing too new. EXCEPT THE COSTUMES. I can be a yak?! Yes please!

Just so you know, Zom Zom (the dashing one in the back there) is pronounced “Zeooom Zeooom”

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is a co-op game for younger players. And it’s definitely one of the best ones out there. But part of what makes it so great is not just the super joyful vibe, or the lack of punishment when you beat your fellow sackplayers up, it’s how it seems to just know how its audience might play.

I had to up and leave for the bathroom midway through a level, but after being AFK for a little while, my Sackgirl flew up into the air and hovered over Di’s Sackgirl. Di was then still able to play and continue the level without me. This is such a great mechanic for kids who might be called away for chores mid-game, or to allow for players to help/cheat their siblings through difficult parts without having to take the controller away from them.

Di carrying the team while I float around like a lazy bum

But the icing on the cake is the celebratory scoring screens at the end of each level. The one who gets the most points gets to hold a trophy and have their picture taken, but jealous players can punch and steal the trophy away, allowing for extra chaos and mischief.

I, of course, managed to win all of the levels, and so I was always in the photo, much to Di’s chagrin. Until one level, she bested me. Finally, it was her time to shine:

I’m not petty at all…

Basically, Sackboy: A Big Adventure is an adventure filled with cute fun and joyous mischief. That’s what it set out to be, and that is what it is. So kudos to you, Sackboy.



Flippin' great

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