Rick and Morty – Season 1 & 2

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I’ve got to be honest – I mostly volunteered to review this out of laziness. I knew, by sticking my hand up for this boxset I wouldn’t have to sit down and watch 2 the full seasons, because I’ve already done it at least twice, in fact, I’m on my third run through of season one now!

Rick and Morty is the first show in a long time for me that ticks the rewatchablity box this hard – it’s hilarious, intelligent, mindbendingly weird and rocks some great no-limit story telling.

If you’ve never seen it, imagine South Park and Futurama mashed up then dressed like back to the future. My brother in law introduced it to me as a drunk Doc and really stupid Marty travelling the multiverse… with different names for legal reasons.

The genius creators are Dan Harmon (from Community) and Justin Roiland, Justin’s job seems to be the crazy creative dude who writes (that term may be used loosely on some episodes) and voices the main characters. Harmon’s job seems to be to provide structure and stop Justin from making the show too offensive – his original concept that’s floating around on youtube indicates he probably needs the occasional person to pull him back a touch. In saying that it’s still extremely adult and in no way should kids be watching this show!

I guess the main reason you’d buy this boxset is because if offers more than marathoning the series again and again on Netflix. There are a bunch of special features including commentaries on every episode. These are great – considering a few of the episodes, like the classic ‘Interdimensional Cable 1 & 2’ were completely improvised it’s’ no surprise that the commentaries are great as entertainment on their own. They also give me a great excuse for a 4th rewatch. In the second season they even have a couple of duel commentary episodes with guests like Gabe Newell from Valve and Half Life and WWE’s Sheamus (random right?).

Finally the big bonus of this particular collection is a plush toy Meeseeks. Mr Meeseeks is one of the random characters from season one who just happened to become a huge fan favourite. Quite a clever addition to the boxset collection, sneaky little way of giving people something you just couldn’t get from boosting it off the web.

While I didn’t do much with the toy, apart from finding it a place on the bookshelf. My toddler daughter quickly added it to her collection by baptising him in banana smoothie. Mr Meeseeks is now a critical part of her geeky soft toy squad, joining an Ewok and one of those pink fluffy Pygmy Puffs from Harry Potter. It’s a little irresponsible perhaps considering how violent the Meeseeks get at the end of their episode – but I can’t help but have an internal high five when I see a Meeseeks at one of her tea parties.


Anyway, as I said, I think Rick and Morty is a classic, I’m hoping it’ll continue for many more seasons. This boxset? Well it does a good job of being a vessel for its greatness.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth getting, if you have a friend who could benefit from some super borderline sci-fi this Christmas, it’s worth getting, and if you are already a mega fan, owning this is a way you can prove it.

– Asher Bastion




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