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I’ve enjoyed this game quite a bit. Sometimes I will leave frustrated at my own inability to progress much further, but often I’m happy with the challenge. I’ve said my piece in the video review above, but there were a few extra things I want to mention!


Okay, so, it can really feel like you’re not progressing at all sometimes. And after I finished the first run, I realised I was very anxious about trying to get all the way through three biomes and at least three mega bosses every single time if I wanted to finish ever again.


But fortunately, if you die after making it into the next biome, the gate you spent so long trying to open, is still open. No need to fight the big bads again, and no need to go through a bunch of areas to collect the gate keys again. So long as you can make it through the main path relatively quickly, you can move into the next biome pretty easy. This does mean you’re probably quite underpowered for it, though. Just something to consider. Soundtrack


The soundtrack is very exciting. Or, at least perfect for the game. Haunting, chaotic, dissociative. Composed by Bobby Krlic who may be better known for his work on the Midsommar soundtrack.

You can give “The Crash” a listen here. Krlic noted that this was the track that sort of tells the whole story in one song.

Jane Perry

Jane Perry is the actress who voiced and played Selene, the protagonist of Returnal and bloody hell did she do a good job. It’s one thing to work alone in a sound booth but to carry the nearly the whole spoken narrative on your own shoulders and still keep the player rapt in your character’s journey? That’s a feat.

Perry did flipping amazing in my books and I hope it’s at least acknowledged with a nomination at the next Game Awards.


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