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Flippin' great

You and I step into Tapper’s together. We sit down and wave the barman over. He asks us our orders before handing us a root beer each. We both smell it in disgust because it’s root beer and so I offer you a ginger beer, spiced with cinnamon for the festive season.

“So,” you pop the lid off your beer, “How was your day?”
“Well,” I reply, “I’ve just come back from a really cool movie.”
“Oh yeah?” you ask, intrigued, “What movie?”
“Wreck-it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet.”
“No way!” you nearly spill your drink in surprise, “I thought that didn’t come out till Boxing Day!”
“It does come out Boxing Day,” I sigh dejectedly, “but it comes out in America, like, a few days ago, so here I am, reviewing it for you.”
“Oh, well,” you calm down a bit, “So how was it?”

It’s not often a sequel manages to beat its predecessor. I loved Wreck-It Ralph. I’m a gamer so I loved all of its game jokes, great lines and quirky characters. But Ralph Breaks the Internet did what I thought near impossible. It’s bigger, better, and downright cooler.

When the plug is pulled from Sugar Rush, Vanellope and her fellow candy racers are left homeless. Ralph, who may have had a little something to do with it, is determined to help his new bestest friend in the whole wide universe get her game back! So they leave the confines of the arcade for the big, scary and exciting new horizons of … THE INTERNET.

Much like in the real world, the internet is full of awesome and interesting people. And I think that’s why this film is immediately better than the first. Fix-It Felix and Sgt Calhoun are almost drab in comparison to the long list of cool characters introduced in Ralph Breaks the Internet!

Meet Shank. Shank is by far the coolest character. In fact I think I’m a little attracted to her she’s so cool.

Just because Ralph and Vanellope aren’t in the arcade anymore, doesn’t mean there aren’t any good game jokes. The movie still remembers where it came from and it remembers it well. But Ralph Breaks the Internet is also rife with internet jokes and memes. Visual gags abound!

You’ll be pleased to know that not all the jokes were said in the trailer. And the teaser trailers don’t give away entire scenes, praise the Lord. So, yes, there’s more to the princess scene than what you’ve no doubt already witnessed!

Now, I’ve seen my fair share of Disney movies, and as you would expect the themes in Ralph Breaks the Internet are about friendship and family. Although, I don’t think I’ve seen this take on it. In the last movie (which was six years ago! Oh my gosh, what the heck, that’s so long ago!), Ralph finally finds a friend in Vanellope after being hated by everyone for his entire life. However, despite being incredibly happy, he’s become insecure and obsessive about his friendship with her. So Ralph needs to learn to let her go, and to not be that annoyingly clingy friend.

Oddly, I found this quite refreshing. It’s such an interesting and common occurrence in human relationships but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it raised as an issue in a film, let alone a Disney film.

If you’re not into the moral teachings of modern Disney films, then don’t worry about it at all – the movie is still an exciting ride! Literally. My favourite scene (and not because it involves the incredible Shank) is an enthralling race between Vanellope and the boss of Slaughter Race, which seems to be a cross between Mad Max and The Fast and the Furious. It was insaaaane.

“Huh, so you think it’s worth seeing at the movies?” you ask as you drain the last of your drink.
“Yeah! Definitely!” I reply, “It’s really fun, and bright and funny, and I just really enjoyed myself a lot the entire time.”
“But not until Boxing Day, right?”
“Oh, yeah,” I frown for a moment before lighting up again, “But it’s definitely worth the wait! And you don’t need the kids as an excuse to watch it either. It’s crazy and exciting and emotional and cool, even for us adult-folk. Perhaps especially so.”
“And out of ten?”
“Definitely a nine. An easy nine.”

We stand to leave, laying change next to our empty bottles and untouched root beer.

“Thanks for the drink,” I wave goodbye to you, “Til next time.”



Flippin' great

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