Quantic Dream’s new E3 teaser video for Detroit: Become Human

Quantic Dream have released a new video for Detroit: Become Human, their upcoming game about Artificial Intelligence.

The original announcement trailer that was released last year introduced the playable character Kara, an Android trying to find her place in a world that treats her as a commodity.

The new video hints at a world reminiscent of Blade Runner set in a time where dissent among androids is just starting to spread. It introduces Connor, a second playable character and an advanced prototype who has been designed and programmed to track down android deviants. In the video he is tasked with navigating an intense hostage situation – saving a little girl who is being held at gunpoint, teetering on the edge of a high building, by what appears to be her android nanny turned deviant. The video shows multiple outcomes playing out, most of them ending badly with the little girl dying. Connor is also shown being able to make decisions (through the player’s choices) that break the android rules, such as choosing to pick up a weapon, suggesting that androids have some degree of free agency in their decision making and are not strictly bound by their programming.

Quantic Dream are known for making narrative heavy, cinematic games with graphics that enter uncanny valley territory in their level of realism. As with Quantic Dream’s previous games such as Heavy Rain, it’s clear narrative is king in Detroit, with the player described as a “co-writer” who guides and shapes the story and the world. With Quantic Dream at the design helm, Detroit likely won’t shy away from the heavy, philosophical questions and will deliver a rich and soulful experience.


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