PriceSpy’s most spied games of March 2022 – and your chance to win one of them

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I’ve recently come out of isolation after sadly not being able to escape the big C. And I can tell you that a lot of that time was spent playing Deep Rock Galactic (great game, you should play it). 

If you are one of the Kiwis finding themselves in and out of iso, you might have caught yourself checking out new games to buy (like me with DRG). According to PriceSpy, the most-clicked on games over March – in the middle of our Kiwi Covid-spree – were a few games that definitely won’t surprise you.

Look at that, Elden Ring is on top? *shocked pikachu face* 

I’m also glad to see Horizon Forbidden West on there, because I have played it (review is  still in the works, I’m so sorry), and TLDR: I enjoyed it. But I do think Nintendo’s rigged the system because Ring Fit Adventure is still on there as it always is every. Single. Month. 2017 release Mario Kart Deluxe 8 for the Switch is also on the leaderboard, but at least it’s pumping out exciting new tracks to play. 

In any case, whatever you’re looking for, I recommend making PriceSpy one of your first places to check for bargains. All that cash saved in iso could go a lot further with $20+ savings on that PlayStation game you’re eyeing. 

Most-popular games on PriceSpy – March 2022RRPCheapest stocked price on PriceSpy*Potential saving (%)Potential saving ($)
1 Elden Ring (PS5)$119.95$9917% saving$20.95 saving
Elden Ring (PS4)$119.95$9917% saving$20.95 saving
2Gran Turismo 7 (PS5)$139.95$10426% saving$35.95 saving
Gran Turismo 7 (PS4)$139.95$8837% saving$51.95 saving
3Horizon Forbidden West (PS5)$139.95$10823% saving$31.95 saving
Horizon Forbidden West (PS 5)$139.95$94.9932% saving$44.96 saving
4Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch)$99.95$99Same$0.95 saving
5Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure (Switch)$149$1378% saving$12 saving
*Source: PriceSpy (prices correct as of 4 April 2022)

Having said all that, here’s your chance to get one of these fantastic games for 100% of the savings! PriceSpy has partnered with us to give two people one of these games of their choosing! Just enter your name down below, and we’ll need an age as well, as Elden Ring is 17+

PriceSpy’s most spied games of March 2022

I miss writing my own terms and conditions section, but essentially you need to live in New Zealand to enter. We’ll be contacting you by email if you’ve won so keep an eye on your junk. Commenting on the related Facebook post will also give us another way to contact you if email fails. 

Good luck! I hope you don’t have to experience covid and iso, and if you are/have, hope you’re doing okay.


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