The Pretty Much Geeks’ Guide to Gifts (Christmas and Beyond)

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Here at Pretty Much Geeks we LOVE the Christmas holidays! But we also hate the stress that comes with trying to figure out what to buy some people. So we’ve compiled a hopefully helpful list of some super cool presents to gift the geek in your life!

The PlayStation Classic


A tiny console with a massive 20 games preloaded onto it, this is a great gift for the gamer who longs for the 90s. Revisit the greatest Final Fantasy game, see where the Resident Evil franchise began and show off your arcade skills in Tekken 3 Tournaments!

Where to buy it: HERE


Cardcaptor Wireless Charger


Even though you may not be a magical girl, give your phone the power up it deserves!

Where to buy it: HERE








This game has amazing and unique artwork combined with game play that never gets stale and constantly challenges you to think creatively and outside the box. Easy to learn how to play and will never get old.

Where to buy it: HERE


Desktop Arcade Machine


This cute little Desktop Arcade Machine comes packed with 240 classic games. Imagine the satisfaction of throwing an entire arcade machine across the room when a ghost catches you just before you eat the last Pac-Dot. That alone is worth $59.95.

Where to buy it: HERE



                  PlayStation PlayLink Range


As a social gamer, there is nothing better than games that anyone can enjoy and play together! The new PlayLink range has such an excellent range of games you can play together with friends from your phones – there’s something for everyone! A great addition to your holiday plans, especially if you’ll be hanging with a bunch of family! Also – NOTHING BEATS SINGSTAR.

Where to buy: HERE

Flashlight Finger


Ever wanted to do that scene out of E.T. but you always wanted to be the alien! And not that whiny punk kid Elliot! Well.. why. Why would you want to do that …. I mean now you can with Flashlight finger! Give a positive gesture that will take his/her breath away.. Cause its from SPACE!! ? !

Where to buy: HERE



                              Microsoft Adaptive Controller


I’m fortunate enough to get away with not needing this innovative solution from Microsoft, but knowing that there is a way for even more people to share in one my lifelong passions just makes me smile.

Where to buy: HERE

                                      Foam Clay


For the cosplayer (or other creative individual) in your life, local company Worbla New Zealand have recently started stocking Foam Clay. A highly sought after and versatile product, it can be sculpted like a putty and then dries like a high-density EVA foam. Previously you had to get it imported from Australia, but now you can get it on your doorstep the very next day so it’s a good option if you’ve left your shopping to the last minute.

Where to buy: HERE


                                                          LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon

 Courty (Part 2)

Lego is marketed as fun for kids of all ages, but this one in particular is definitely aimed more towards adults who are still kids at heart. The Ultimate Collector Series’ Millennium Falcon is a massive 7500+ piece build and every detail has been included, from the quad laser cannons to the engine room and hyperdrive. This will be a top pick for most Star Wars and Lego fans this Christmas.

Where to buy: HERE


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