PlayStation Making Movies and the Best Clickbait that Ever Baited

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Welcome to the Pretty Much Weekly! A series where we give you the latest in games, movies, and the things that I’ve annoyed my coworkers with all week. This week we learned a Game of Thrones spin off is definitely happening, Sony doesn’t communicate very well with its different departments, and Detective Pikachu has surpassed my expectations, to my utter delight.

Game of Thrones spin off confirmed

While fans deliberate about whether Game of Thrones or Lost had the worst finale, HBO have confirmed that there will be a spin off series of George R.R. Martin’s epic. But it won’t be about Arya going “west of Westeros.”

Instead, it’ll be based on Martin’s prequel about Jane Goldman, set thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones.

The most surprising team up in the history of surprise team ups

Sony and Microsoft have announced a partnership between the two most prominent rivals in the gaming industry. The two companies have agreed to collaborate on streaming and cloud services, something Microsoft has a lot of experience and good results in.

Chief executives Kenichiro Yoshida of Sony and Satya Nadella of Microsoft | Source: Microsoft

Perhaps this has been spurred on by Google’s reveal of its own game streaming service, Stadia. The biggest difference between Stadia and any other game streaming service is the ability to go from watching a YouTube video about a game to playing that very same game in a single click.

While this was a big surprise to me and no doubt a lot of other people, it also turned out to be a surprise to PlayStation themselves, who apparently hadn’t been made aware of the discussions at all.

PlayStation Movies

Sony have opened up a new studio called PlayStation Productions, whose sole purpose is to make movies out of PlayStation’s exclusive titles. A lot of people aren’t entirely sure about this. Video game movies don’t exactly have a great history.

But the head of the new studio Asad Qizilbash is hopeful. Rather than outsource a production team, he believes that they can do a much better job making them in house. “One, because we’re more familiar, but also because we know what the PlayStation community loves,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Despite being one of the better candidates for a film adaptation, an Uncharted movie has already been outsourced

The point was made that a different approach was needed when it came to turning games into film. “The real challenge is,” says Sony’s chairman of Worldwide Studios, “how do you take 80 hours of gameplay and make it into a movie? The answer is you don’t.”

Instead of trying to retell a game in a movie, the studio is more focussed on taking the ethos of the game and turning it into a new story people haven’t seen before.

A good recent example of this is Detective Pikachu, which made a new story set in a familiar world.

Detective Pikachu

I had a fun time watching Detective Pikachu, if only to see Pokémon running around like they owned the place. It had a great opening weekend here in New Zealand, earning $1.02 million across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, for a total of $175 million worldwide.

It may come to you as no surprise then that a sequel is currently in the works. Several sources have told that Legendary is working on a direct sequel to Detective Pikachu before moving on to explore the wider Pokémon universe.

Not only was Detective Pikachu a pretty fun film, Warner Brothers had some fun with the what some are calling the best clickbait in the history of clickbait. As part of their marketing of the movie, they made a new YouTube channel called “Inspector Pikachu” and put up this amazing piece of cinema.

Sitting at 20 million views (at the time of writing this), I have found no one in the comments that was disappointed. I have made sure everyone on my floor at work knows about this.


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