PlayStation 5 – The Review

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We were completely flabbergasted when Sony came to us and were like, do you want to review the PlayStation 5? Our response was, “Uhh, heck yes!”

I have been a fan of the PlayStation since I got a PS2 for Christmas way back in 2000. So being able to review the latest generation is an absolute honour. This probably means I’m coming at the system with a bit of a bias. I mean, I had already pre-ordered my own console before the review invite came to us. But hear me out!

There are several awesome things about the console that I didn’t touch upon in the video review above, so here are some of the coolest things I love about the PlayStation 5.

I know how many hours I’ve played Overwatch now.

I’ve always liked seeing how many hours I’ve spent in some of my steam games like Dead By Daylight and Among Us (305 and 55 hours respectively). And so I was excited to see a similar feature on the PS5!

But I was definitely not expecting how many hours Overwatch has sucked away from my life. The one game I’ve been coming back to since its release in 2016. I didn’t think I’d ever play the same game for more than 1000 hours.

Spoiler warnings!

News, trophies, screenshots and things shared by your friends and communities you’re a part of can sometimes contain spoilers for games you haven’t finished yet. Since your console basically knows where you’re up to in a game, there’s an option for the system to use that information to warn you about potential spoilers!

Within the same settings category (Saved Data and Game/App Settings), you also have the option to have your games automatically begin on a certain difficulty level, or even have the camera movement always be inverted when you boot up a new game.

Default Accessibility Options

Accessibility is steadily becoming better in games, and now you can set your accessibility settings in the console itself. For the games that allow it, these settings can then be automatically applied to all the games you start up! Settings like how intense the haptic feedback is, to colourblind filters.

I personally haven’t any need for accessibility options, but if you always like having subtitles, that’s also an option you can set up to have on automatically.

My favourite accessibility option though, is the chat transcription feature! If you turn it on, it converts the voice chat of other people in your party to text. You can also type text into the chat, which is then read aloud by either a male or female voice to the other party members! How fricken cool is that?!

I can screenshare with other PS5 owners!

Yes, I took this on my phone. The unfortunate thing about screen capture and screen recording on the PS5 is that it doesn’t record the quick access screen.

Setting up party chat was always a clunky and slow process on the PS4. But all the stress of going back to the homescreen, slowly opening up party options, slowly opening my game up again, is no more!

Not only can I start party chat within a game, I have the option to shareplay and share my screen with all party members! Of course, the party members have to be on a PS5 to be able to participate, as the chat system is very different. But at least it does allow for PS4 players to join in on the party as well.

A dividing photo expressing my love for the PlayStation 5

Those were a few of my favourite things about the PS5. I might as well reiterate what I said in my video review, and if you’re looking for a console, I do believe the PS5 is a great pick. But gaming is all about you, your friends, and the games you want to play. Those, I think, are the biggest factors that should come in when you think about what console you should get.

As I said, I had already pre-ordered a PS5, and having a go on the review console that Sony lent to us helped me realise that it definitely wasn’t a mistake. I don’t regret my purchase one bit and I’m eagerly awaiting the games that push this next-generation console to its limits.


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