Knowledge is Power: Decades (PlayLink)

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Are you great at guessing or are you even genuinely knowledgeable in all areas? Get your friends, family and enemies together to find out whether you have the brains to match your smart mouth, because in this game, Knowledge is Power.

That’s literally the name of the game, folks

As a sequel to Knowledge is Power, Knowledge is Power: Decades is its own separate title. It still plays the same, has some familiar power plays, and you still have the same objective. But this time, the questions are all about … well, if you can’t figure that one out then perhaps this isn’t the game for you.

Here’s a hint

Fortunately there’s no need to buy clunky buzzer accessories for your PlayStation. Gone are the days where your friends complain that the only reason they’re losing is because they don’t know their way around a controller. With PlayLink games, your phone or any smart device is your controller.

Set up like a 70s game show, you go head to head against up to five other players. Each round everyone votes on a door to open. And then the fun begins. Answer questions the fastest for more points and watch your character skyrocket to the top. Or get overtaken by everyone else. But that’s okay, that’s when Power Plays come into action.

This is when you suggest a target to gang up on

Frustrated at how far ahead your little sister is? How about you freeze up her options to slow her down. Or has your best friend’s unworthy boyfriend been badmouthing your performance? Why don’t you put a zip on all his answers.

Sometimes you have to tap your phone many times before you can finally get to your answer

Talk about a power play

Each game takes about 20 minutes to complete. If you and your friends or family are into quizzes and a little competition, this is definitely one to add to your Game’s Night library. It’s fun, it’s a little crazy, and it gives you every opportunity to troll everyone else.

Me: “Nobody pick Heavy Metal, please!” Louise: “Okay.”

And I recommend getting this one over the original Knowledge is Power too. They’re basically the same game, except I didn’t get as tripped up on questions as I did in the original. Or maybe I’ve become a lot smarter in the past year.

But nothing much has been added on top of the original which makes me think: is it worth getting this one if you already have the first? Yeah, nah. Which is a little disappointing, I guess. Since it’s not DLC maybe I was expecting something a little more than just a different set of questions. But it’s still a super fun game, like the original. It’s just not worth getting a second copy of the same thing.




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