Pixar has a Hopeful Future and You Could Attend a Wizarding School!

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Kia Ora, this is the Pretty Much Weekly! A weekly series where we sometimes share this week’s news, and other times share news that we only found out about this week.

Of the latter, the documentary on the making of God of War is out, Pixar is currently only working on original films, and you can hop on a train and attend a magical school for an hour! Of the former, well, if you’re sick to death of hearing about Marvel news, please don’t hate me.

Making great games is treacherous, and there’s a doco to prove it

Santa Monica, the studio behind the amazing God of War, has put together a documentary on the making of last year’s Game of the Year. (That is, God of War). Oh my goodness, it’s definitely worth the watch! It starts sort of all over the place, but there is so much rawness and honesty to the doco that you wonder how PlayStation even let it be published in the first place.

The full film is on Youtube, and I’ve linked it right here!

If you haven’t played God of War, you are making a huge mistake. It was my absolute favourite game from last year and definitely deserves the 10/10 Saskia gave it.

And if you haven’t played it yet, well right now is the best time to buy it! According to PriceSpy, the lowest price it reached this month was $48. That’s 60% off full price! God of War may have been released over a year ago, but it was the most-searched-for game last month on PriceSpy, beating even the new Crash Team Racing remake.

If I’ve managed to convince you to do the right thing and get God of War, make sure you head over to PriceSpy to get yourself the best deal!

Pixar declares no more sequels! (That are in the works, anyway)

I went to see Toy Story 4 on the weekend and while it was a great film, it was one of seven sequels that Pixar have released in the last ten years. How many originals have they released in the last ten years? Four.

But, take heart my friends, since Peter Docter (Up, Inside Out) took over the Chief Creative Officer role, there’s a lot of optimism about Pixar’s future. For one thing, there are reportedly no more sequels in the works. As for upcoming originals their next one, Onward, looks awesome! 

And Pixar have also just announced another film called Soul, which is slated for release in 2020, after Onward

And, if there already wasn’t enough to look forward to, new talent is being picked up! Domee Shi, the director of the cute and incredible short Bao (and Pixar’s first female director) is working on her own feature film! I for one, am very excited about this!

You’re a wizard, <your name here>

All aboard the The Wizarding Academy Express! If you’re looking for something super cool to do and are in Auckland on the 7th of September, why don’t you enter a magical world where you’ll wear robes, bear wands, and learn potions and spell casting?

Departing from the Glenbrook Vintage Railway Station in Waiuku, join professors from the Zealandia Saremcroft Wizarding Academy for an interactive theatre experience on a steam train! But only for one day! So if you’re interested, you should get in quick.

For more information and to book tickets, click here.

Endgame isn’t finished yet

I thought that after mentioning Avengers: Endgame in three separate Pretty Much Weeklies I was done with the film. It was finished. I said, woh, people are selling tickets for hundreds of dollars! Woh, it broke records! Woh, Google’s having fun with coding! Surely that was it. Endgame was big, but it had finally run its course.

Apparently not. 

In what could potentially be the greatest marketing plan/scam – whatever you want to call it – Endgame will be returning to cinemas.

With post-credit scenes.

I’m not sure if this will be coming to New Zealand cinemas, but it will be appearing in US theatres next Friday. But if it did come to Aotearoa, would you go again? Would it really be worth it? To be honest, I don’t think I could handle going a third time.


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