Patriots Day

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It was either good or very OK. For a historical drama, pretty solid. Patriots Day is a retelling of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the hunt for the two brothers who committed it.

I went with a friend and he mentioned he felt a bit weird in that he didn’t want to be entertained or he felt like it would be wrong if he went just for that and if the film was made mainly for that purpose. I agree but we’re still going to see a movie and that awkward balance is what makes Historical drama interesting.

Patriots Day 1

So did it do well? I thought United 93 did it really well. That was the story of one of the hijacked planes during 9/11. It did the basics really well and it felt really dedicated to the facts. It didn’t have well-known actors. It got out of the way and just let the event drive the drama. No flashy dialogue or music. You felt like you were watching real people reacting to the situation they found themselves in.

Patriots Day 2

I felt like Patriots Day at times didn’t live up to this very high standard especially at the start. There was a lot of heavy-handed mood music to ‘tell’ us who is good, who is innocent.  Also having well-known actors, I think, takes away or distracts from the story of the event. Mark Wahlberg is the lead actor who is chosen probably because he is so ‘Boston’. But even if he is being accurate I still feel like he was a distraction. It makes me question everything. Is this what was really said…was he really there? Is that emotion or reaction historical or is it acting techniques to help make the scene better?

Patriots Day 3

I must admit though the important scenes were done very well and handled with care. Some very moving moments and again done by unknown actors acting in a real way. And as the movie progressed some of my earlier problems subsided. I wished there was more insight into the brothers but if they didn’t have it I’m glad they didn’t make it up.

So by the end Patriots Day had bounced back enough to think that it was worth watching. An unscripted moment in life, professionally portrayed.




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