Paper-Mache Clay Tutorial

These are only estimates, just have a play and get to know the material.
This method prevents mold from growing as there is no flour involved.

What you need:
– A toilet roll. Budget toilet paper works best.
– Wallpaper paste. Shelley’s brand is child friendly
– Wood glue or white glue.
– Water
– Electric blender
– Bowl


Let’s get started! (Hover your mouse over the images for instructions and click to see the full image)

Once it’s all mixed, use your hands to mix some more to get the consistency you are comfortable to work with. You can add more glue at this point if you prefer.


Remember to let the clay dry well before you paint or seal it

Store excess paper-mache clay in a ziplock bag. I keep mine in the fridge.
It will keep as long as it does not dry out.


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