Overwatch Free Weekend!

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Overwatch Free Weekend!

If you’ve ever looked at Overwatch and thought, “That looks like a crazy game. I want to try it,” well now you can! Because next weekend Blizzard is giving everyone a FREE WEEKEND!! WHAT!
From 8am on the 19th of November (NZDT) to the 22nd, you get to download and play Overwatch for FREE! On PC, PS4 and Xbox One! You’ll have access to Quick Play, Practice, Custom and the Weekly Brawl with all 22 heroes! (No Sombra, unfortunately, as she’s still on the PTR server)

If you do buy the game, all the progress you make over the weekend will carry over, and if you’re worried about joining in on a game so late, don’t worry! Since it’s a free weekend, there’ll be so many more noobs to matchmake with you it should be totally fine!

However, you will need a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold account if you want to play on console.

And now for the last important fact: the download is reportedly going to be about 12GBs, so make sure you free up some space on your computer or console, because I highly recommend you just try the game. How can it hurt? It’s free!

For more information, you can check out Blizzard’s announcement on theirblog


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