Our Steam Summer Sale 2018 picks!

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Saskia’s Top 5

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

I’ve never encountered a game quite like Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, which is a crying shame!!! Possibly the best RPG I’ve ever played. It’s supernatural, the characters are interesting and well fleshed-out (little in-joke that you’ll get once you play it), it’s thrilling (I actually was a little too scared to finish it by myself), the dialogue options are my dreams-come-true and the story is gripping! At 75% off –  stop wasting time fool, buy it!

Life is Strange

A beautiful and deeply touching experience. I’ve never felt such weight behind every decision in a game before. Prepare to feel some serious angst and an appropriate level of stress as you control the fates of many characters you get to know and love. Cannot recommend highly enough, and with the first chapter being free, there’s absolutely no reason not to dip your toes in and see if you enjoy the ride!

Dead By Daylight

One of my all time favourite games! You are one of 4 players, trapped within the compound of a murderer who is trying to kill you all. Through the power of stealth, you must cooperatively repair generators to power the exit gates and escape! You may have been put off from playing this when it first came out, due to all the complaints about the terrible match system (they were justified – it would take a million years to find a lobby). However, I implore you to give this game another shot! The lobby issue is resolved and so many exciting and terrifying updates have been added since, it’s a different game entirely.


I have sunk a lot of time into this one. A mining, crafting, exploring, boss-killing extravaganza! It might seem like yet another sandbox crafting game, but it is so much more. You can team up with your friends online and create and explore totally randomized maps, find super rare loot and craft crazy-cool weapons/clothing/magic items and more! I want to play this with you really bad. Please buy it.

To The Moon

This little indie game takes you on a pretty emotional journey through the memories of a dying elderly man. I can’t really tell you more than that without spoiling what makes the journey so great. Since there is very little gameplay involved – you could get a similar experience by watching a playthrough, but there’s something extra absorbing about doing it all yourself.

Jaz’s Top 5

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

One bomb, one manual, as many players as you want. Either all are alive at the end of the round, or everyone is dead. There’s VR support too, to make the “HELP ME DISARM THIS FREAKING BOMB” vibes all the more immersive. The only reason you won’t be getting this now is because you’re getting it for the Nintendo Switch.
Thimbleweed Park
Cross Monkey Island with the X Files and you get Thimbleweed Park. A throwback to the classic point-and-click games of the 90s, this is a detective murder mystery (or is it?) where you and your cursor figure out what the hell is <censored> going on in small town Thimbleweed Park.
TY the Tasmanian Tiger

Crikey, my mind was blown when I discovered this was being remastered AND NOW it’s cheap as chips! I played this game for hours on end when I was a little tyke, and I highly recommend getting this for the little buggers if you have any. Or, for yourself. Because there aren’t that many good platformers these days. The remastered graphics are pretty mint too.
Mass Effect 1 + 2

If you haven’t yet discovered Mass Effect, you are seriously missing out. Sure, the gameplay is a little scrappy compared to today’s games, but this series took me by storm. I bought 1, 2 and 3 all at the same time, and marathoned them all in three weeks – when I was supposed to be finishing up my final assignments for uni. I recommend waiting for your exams to finish before playing, but right now is the time to get them with Mass Effect at $3.74 and Mass Effect 2 at $5.99.
Tomb Raider

It’s been mentioned before, and I’m going to mention it again. One of my absolute favourite series of all time, Tomb Raider is nothing to be sneezed at, and for the delicious price of $3.89, you had better snap it up! A fantastic revival of Lara Croft really isn’t something you can miss. Definitely the best buy you’re gonna make all year. Trust me.

Di’s Top 5

Jackbox Party Pack

Got a bunch of friends with smartphones and don’t know what to do? Get any of the Jackbox Party Packs and crack open the insta-fun. My favourites so far have been from 3 and 4 (Trivia Murder Party and any form of Quiplash or Fibbage). However, I will add the caveat that your friends probably need to be ones that you’re fairly comfortable with, especially if you’re trying to monster-date them.

This will always be the game that I wish I hadn’t played yet so I could experience it for the first time again. Dystopian, dark, puzzling, intriguing, Playdead built on the success of Limbo and got it so right. My one regret in reviewing this was that I didn’t give it a 10. What was I thinking?
Gang Beasts
It’s buggy, there are sometimes lag issues and it kind of feels like an unfinished game. But the one thing the devs got right is the GLOLs you’ll be getting out of this one and the glorious ragdoll physics. Local multiplayer or friends with mics are definitely necessary so you can hear all the involuntary snorts and cries of, “I can’t believe that just happened.”
If you like board games, this is a good one. Armello is a really nice mix of cute animals and strategy, and has a ton of replayability. I particularly use it to calm myself down after a stressful game of DotA.
So Overcooked 2 is due to be released soon, but it’s hard to imagine an improvement on the original game because it is such a thing of beauty. Well…beauty, frustration and lots of people yelling, “Serve the food! Serve the food!” Trust me. It’s a good thing.

Josh’s Top 5

Finding Paradise

I stumbled across this one and boy am I glad I did! “Two doctors travelling through a dying’s man memories to fulfill his last wish”, the plot alone hooked me. Add a beautifully compossed soundtrack and through the roof reviews and I’m sold. Take my 8 dollars and 3 cents, take it now!!

My friends have heard me rant and rave about this game for hours, so now I’ll do that to you! Oxenfree is a choice based thriller game with many plot twists and multiple endings! Basically it’s greatness wrapped in awesomeness sprinkled with amazing! (Not to oversell it)
West of Loathing 

Badly drawn stick figures punching skeletons and fighting demon cows. I don’t know why, but I want this game! It looks like hours of hilarious fun.
Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

As a lover of anime this game immediately captured my attention. It’s visually breath-taking and with rave reviews it looks like a must have.

I had to include this because everyone has to play this game! If you haven’t already, there’s no excuse now, it’s only $6!!

Nick’s Top 5


50% off – I’ve been waiting for this to come down in price. Looks solid time to strike!

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

75% off – I’ve read terrible things about this game but at that price and because I’m such a massive fan of Warhammer 40k. I just feel like I have to.

Dead by Daylight

50% off – Actually I already have this, I just need whoever reads this to buy it and play the killer as I need more noobs to escape from. 😀

Dark Souls III: Deluxe Edition

70% off – I’ve heard a lot of good things but its scares me how hard it looks. But at that price how does one deny themselves.

Dying Light

60% off –  Survival Action/Horror is where its at right now and because of other games I own, Steam has been trying to sell me this one for some time now. And with that deal, well. I may just have to show them the money.

Any-who that’s…WAIT wait wait you say. “What’s with all your games having the same first letter. That’s .. That’s a lot of D you got there.”


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