Office Uprising

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The zombie film industry has certainly had its fair share of horror/comedy offerings. When done correctly, this mix of black comedy soars and we find ourselves crying with laughter and horror as ordinary people deal with the extraordinary situation of the living dead.

Shaun of the Dead is arguably the Godfather of this genre but Peter Jackson’s very own Braindead certainly set the bar in the early 90’s and also showed that low-budget entries can be just as successful as the larger funded Hollywood options. Since the genre is so well trodden now, regardless of budget, zombie films need to offer something new in order to not be compared to other solid films of the genre.

Office Uprising takes a few unique spins on the genre. The office setting gives an interestingly claustrophobic feeling and allows for plenty of “hate your job/hate your co-workers” type gags along the way. Given that the office is that of a massive arms corporation it allows for easy access to unexplained and ridiculous weaponry meaning there is never a lack of blood and violence throughout (however b-grade).

Storyline wise there isn’t really a story and it never really needs it. Office Uprising plays out more like an arcade computer game – get through the floors of zombie to reach the top brass in the penthouse and save the girl from becoming a zombie. If it sounds all a bit simplistic that’s because it is. There is a level of charm in that the film never intends to be taken too seriously and thus never tries to take anything too seriously, however once this trope wears off it’s like flicking through a trashy magazine – it’s got enough pictures that the words don’t really matter but there isn’t really any substance.

The acting is suitably over the top with stand out, OTT performance going to Zachary Levi (Chuck). Like the plot however, the performances and characterisation is 2-dimensional and the film has about as much depth as a puddle in a global warming summer sun. Having said that – it’s not without its charm. If you want to watch something silly, bloody, stupid and violent then give this a crack like a hammer to the skull of a recently turned co-worker. For me personally, it didn’t quite pack the punch I’d hoped for but it’s certainly not without its merit.

– Ashton Brown




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