NZ’s favourite games of July 2022

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Every month or so we like to team up with PriceSpy and do a bit of a giveaway. On their website, they do the hard work of comparing prices of the same thing at different shops so you don’t have to! And they’ve let us give two of you lucky readers the chance to win one of the top five most searched-for games of last month!

Usually, when it comes to games, PlayStation tends to come out on top with a Switch game or two thrown in. July 2022, however, has decided to be special. THREE of the top five are Switch exclusives, with the other two third party titles that people would apparently prefer to play on Switch. A very good month for Nintendo indeed!

If I were to make an uneducated guess as to why this is, I would hypothesise that grabbing games for trips during the school holidays would be the main reason for this. I myself have purchased Switch games (in particular, the amazing Goose Game and the astounding Hades) before heading on a trip away from my home console.

Hades, by the way, is perfect for the Switch.

What’s this? A Competition?

Yes, yes, PriceSpy has teamed up with us once again to give TWO very lucky people the chance to one ONE of the most searched-for games of July 2022.

Go ahead! Enter!

Win One of July 2022’s Top Games!

All you have to do, is enter your name and email, and wait for us to tell you if you’ve won! Keeping an eye and commenting on our corresponding Facebook post will help us let you know if you’ve won or not… so post engagement benefits us both there. We have had to revoke prizes in the past because people were too late to reply!

Good luck to all who enter!!


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