We now know how much Google Stadia is going to cost

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I’m going to cut the bullcrap and just get right into it.

Stadia Pro is going to cost $9.99USD a month.

That’s the same price as Spotify premium. So it’s probably going to be around $15 a month in Kiwi dollars. But that’s if you go for Stadia’s subscription service. You don’t own those games, you just have access to Stadia’s entire library of games at any time, with the added bonus of no downloads and updates.

If you don’t like that idea, you can always go Stadia Base. No subscription fee, you just buy games outright off Stadia and you own them. Kinda like Steam, but with the added bonus of no downloads and updates.

Google have also got a specialised controller for Stadia, which has a capture feature and a button for Google Assistant. It’ll cost you over $100NZD ($69USD), but you can use any controller or even your keyboard and mouse if you don’t want to fork out for that.

It comes in white, black and “wasabi”

You sort of keen for this? Well, Stadia is only going to be released in 14 countries for now, and none of those are New Zealand (or Australia, for that matter) so we will have to wait for Stadia til at least 2020. 

Wait, is my internet connection going to be a problem?

35 Mbps.

That’s what you need for the highest quality Stadia can give you: 4K, HDR video with 60 frames per second. If your internet can’t get that, you can still get 1080p at 60 frames on 20 Mbps. Or 720p at 60 frames on 10 Mbps.

But if you have a cap on your internet use, you’re probably going to see an abrupt end to your 4K gaming.

As of yet, there are no games exclusive to the Stadia, but there will be a list of pretty popular games on the platform at release such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Mortal Kombat 11 and the upcoming Baldur’s Gate 3.

And that was Google Stadia at E3 2019! Shared through Stadia Connect, a pre-recorded live stream event Google hopes to continue like Nintendo Direct and PlayStation’s State of Play. I’ve linked the full “conference” below so you can watch it yourself! 


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