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I’ve had a rough ride of late; a choppy and bumpy journey with the recently released movies. I just figured, ok, we are in a bit of a dry spell here. You just gotta wait it out, just gotta push through. It makes sense with this frek’n pandemic. They’re holding and delaying the good movies and slow releasing some runts to pay some bills in the meantime. So upon seeing the trailer for Nobody and believing we were in the desert, I went in with pretty low expectations.

It turns out that that was the perfect way to do it. Because who’s got two typing fingers and thought this movie was great!? This guy. This guy did. 

Ordinary average guy Hutch, who is living a life of repetition and despair, is going nowhere in life. He’s distant from his family and this is only compounded when he is portrayed as a coward when two thieves break into his house. Long suppressed anger boils up as he decides to bring back the man he used to be. A man with a violent past. 

I’m going to jump straight to the shining star here, Bob Odenkirk, who plays Hutch. Probably most known for his role in Better Call Saul but for me he’s now the guy who turned an average-to-ok movie into a great one. Does he even lift? Yes, yes he does. 

One of the producers is David Leitch who brought us John Wick and as you watch Nobody you are being constantly reminded of this fact. They are so similar and share so many story beats that it’s at first quite distracting. Is this an inside joke? Are they in the same universe and Hutch is John’s older brother!? That would be cool.

This mirroring of John Wick could have actually ruined the movie for me, but the star saves it. Hutch has such a different feel about his character, he’s so much more interesting than anyone else around him. He’s broken and he knows it. But he takes it in his stride. Life keeps kicking him but knowing he has the power to kick back, he chooses not to. We start with him just accepting this fate and then we get to see him release himself on those who deserve to be released upon. And this, in a way, makes this movie quite lopsided. Just the way he overshadows everyone.  

His first fight in the bus is my favorite moment. He takes so much damage it makes the fight so real, interesting and so fun to watch. The stunt work is awesome and mixed with his acting and the dry, dark humour makes the moment shine like many others in Nobody

And that’s the key word for this film: it’s fun. You just get the feeling he had a blast making the movie. It makes you feel like a kid again. You want to join in the crowd and cheer him on. You want him to succeed, you want him to do well and win the respect of his family, friends and co-workers. I’m not a fan of high fives but I felt the need to give one grow while watching. However, I stayed strong and settled with crushing a handful of popcorn in my fist saying to myself. ‘Yessss, you go Hutch! Get’em’. 

I have two gripes for Nobody that stops it from reaching amazing heights. It didn’t use its support cast that well. Christopher Lloyd, who plays his dad, and Connie Nielsen, who plays his wife, and Michael Ironside, who plays his boss. Awesome and interesting actors but the script and story just did not give them space to really shine or use their gifts. And the final battle fell short: it was underwhelming when compared to some of Hutch’s earlier fights. And there weren’t any decent baddies to have some good boss battles. Something that John Wick does so well. 

So maybe low tide has been reached, the corner has been turned. Maybe the desert season of movies is over? Perhaps we can go forth into the dark and find our seat, attempt to place our drink in the seat’s drink hole and lift our eyes with the confidence that maybe possibly, this movie won’t suck.

Thanks, Nobody. Yours sincerely, Nick. 



I'm smiling

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