No Man’s Sky Update!

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No Man’s Sky Update!

Hello Games has announced the “first of many” free updates for No Man’s Sky! Now, you might be thinking, “Oh, that game. Wasn’t that a flop?” Well, no, I don’t think it was a flop, I just think it was overhyped and quite an ambitious game for a team of twelve or however little people work at the studio. It’s still a good and enjoyable game!

And now, it’s going to be even more enjoyable! Introducing the FOUNDATIONS UPDATE, where you can now BUILD BASES. Yes, you can now build on top of existing buildings to create your own outposts and bases within the universe using the stuff you’ve collected throughout the place. You’ll also be able to create storage places to keep all the cool stuff you can’t bear to part with.


And you can also build your own freighter to transport yourself and the goods that you can now farm! Oh my goodness, so much goodness in this update!

There’s also the introduction of two new game modes: Creative mode and Survival mode.

I don’t know much about the Survival mode except that a small inconvenience could mean the difference between life and death (hence a redesign of the user interface) while Creative mode allows you to explore the universe with no limits (and so build as big a base as you want).

There’s still much more that I haven’t talked about, such as a massive graphics update on the PC platform, but these have been the highlights. To see everything about the new update check out the dev’s blog here


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