No Man’s Sky – A First Taste

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No Man’s Sky – A First Taste

I can see why Sean Murray says it’s not for everyone. There is a lot of wandering around and mining stuff. So, I guess, first off I’ll say that if you don’t like Minecraft, perhaps this isn’t the game for you.

However, I do like Minecraft. So as I played No Man’s Sky I loved the whole collecting stuff and realising that every collectible thing is useful at some point. In fact, it’s very useful. Being attacked by some angry rodents and need a quick get away? Make sure you have some plutonium to jumpstart your ship!

Want to make a deal with an alien? Make sure you give him the right thing! I mean, well, I wouldn’t know what would happen if you didn’t (because I’m just so good at the game), but I know that if you do give the right thing, you are richly rewarded!

But after watching the video above and drooling over the awesomeness that you just saw, you’re already running off to grab a copy for your own. What you need next, is some solid advice:

• No Man’s Sky is not for everyone – heaps of collecting and you NEED to collect. You cannot do anything except collect and if you don’t want to collect the only thing you can do is collect.
• Always have a bit of carbon on you – most animals like to be fed carbon (yes, you can feed animals!) and if you want to talk to vendors you need to give them carbon as a sort of peace offering, I guess.
• Sell frequently – You have limited spots in your inventory and it fills up quick. Make sure you know exactly what you need and keep stuff you’re okay with selling in your exosuit. Also, credits are important, especially if you want more inventory slots.
• Seek out the monoliths and knowledge stones – if you understand alien languages, you always get a hint at what will make that alien more happy. They can greatly reward you if you’re friendly with them.
• Don’t destroy your scanners/binoculars – I did, so I don’t actually know what it’s called. But it’s what you use to ‘discover’ creatures. You can then upload these and uploading gets you credits! Hooray!
• Don’t try to complete a planet – This is what I struggled with at first. In this game you need throw that completionist attitude aside and just go for the stars. Who cares if you haven’t discovered six waypoints on a planet? It’s more rewarding to just move on. Especially when you have a universe the size of a universe left to explore.
Happy travelling!


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