NMS Waking Titan is over!

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NMS Waking Titan is over!

For about 6 weeks now, Hello Games have been conducting an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) alongside and sometimes even inside No Man’s Sky.

It has involved websites, actors, live drops, in game live drops, packages containing cryptic clues sent to YouTubers and Reddit mods. People have sent in pictures, solved puzzles and even participated in a soft of.. well… escape room of sorts. Most recently there was a live stream for 72 hours on twitch, which involved a hamster, and screens that updated as people solved clues and so forth. It culminated in a picture of a portal, which was a massive cliff hanger.

That ended the current part of the ARG. Today CobraTV started a livestream to celebrate the anniversary of NMS, and got together a bunch of notable people to celebrate and talk about NMS. Just after he started we all received an email from the ARG (waking Titan) and it contained this information:

“Update 1.3 will release this week and will be available for free to all No Man’s Sky players. We’re calling it Atlas Rises. It focuses on improving the central story of No Man’s Sky and adds the ability to quick travel between locations using portals. Patch notes will be made available shortly before the update goes live.”

“We wanted to reach out and celebrate the devoted community that means so much to us. We launched Waking Titan to try to do that. When we posted those cassettes we didn’t know what to expect. In the last eight weeks a quarter of a million players from across the globe (174 countries, to be precise!) have come together – united by a shared love of mystery and science fiction – to form the Citizen Science Division. You’ve travelled great distances both real and virtual, undertaken complex tasks, and explored the depths of simulation theory. New friendships have been forged, and a tight-knit community has been created. Most importantly a cute hamster has a new home.”

You can read the whole thing here 

I recommend checking out the summaries of what happened on OrbitTV or CobraTV – it seems like there will be changes to the lore (or lots more of it), more ability for players to work together, new ships, races, updated graphics and procedural generation so forth. It seems that Sean Murray and Hello Games did, and are, fulfilling their promise to trust them, and they would give us the game they promised. But maybe even better since the community has had a part in how the game now will be.

Geoff Gummer


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