Nintendo Switch Announced!

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Nintendo Switch Announced!

Nintendo’s next generation console, Switch was announced today! Nintendo seem to be carving their own niche in the market, with Switch being a hybrid home gaming and portable gaming system. It can attach to a dock for big screen gaming with a traditional controller or be detached and used on the go. It also has two removable controllers on the sides that can be used for local co-op gaming.


With a large list of partners such as Capcom, Bethesda, Activision, EA and even Telltale Games, we can expect a lot of cross platform games to be available on Switch. The announcement video shows Skyrim being played first on a big screen TV, and then the same game continuing on the Switch unit itself while in the park. As someone who sometimes struggles to find dedicated gaming time, I love the idea of being able to play my regular games while on the bus!


Nintendo haven’t released specs at this point so it’s not clear what resolution or frame rate we can expect. Given the portability of the device, it seems likely that they’ve decided to abstain from the Sony and Microsoft 4K war and build their market on flexibility over power. I’m hopeful that the price point will reflect this. It has a release date of March 2017 so unfortunately not in time for Christmas.

See the announcement video below. We’ll keep you posted as new information around specs and price becomes available!


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