New N7 Day Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer!

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New N7 Day Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer!

Bioware are celebrating N7 Day this year with a new Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer!

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be set 600 years in the future from the end of Mass Effect 2, following a group of explorers that embark on a journey to the Andromeda galaxy seeking a new home. As the colonists are in cryostasis for the 600 year journey, they’ll likely be unaware of the events that occur in Mass Effect 3.

The previously released Andromeda Initiative Orientation Briefing video mentions that there are a number of Arcs carrying multiple species, each with their own Pathfinder. Bioware have confirmed that the playable character will be a Pathfinder, described as “a blend of elite soldier, scientist, and guide who is tasked with finding a new home.”

There will be official gameplay shown at The Game Awards on December 1st.

You can join the Andromeda Initiative to receive future updates from the Mass Effect team.

Mass Effect Andromeda is due to be released spring (around March) 2017, so we don’t have too much longer to wait to delve back into the Mass Effect universe.


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