The Final Table – The Next Level in Culinary Competition

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Flippin' great

Shows like Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen are all fun to watch, but The Final Table is next level. I’m not the biggest fan of cooking competition shows, but I am certainly passionate about food. And seeing amazing chefs put their heart and soul onto a plate is one of the most beautiful things you can ever witness.

These chefs aren’t just culinary hopefuls, they’re already etching their legacy into the halls of chefdom. They’ve published their own cookbooks, opened several restaurants across the globe, and have received Michelin stars!

These are the kinds of people that make me think, well now, I’m 24 and I’m not even close to opening to my own restaurant.

On the left we have Ash Heeger, who opened her first restaurant at the tender age of 25

This is an international competition. Each episode centers on one country’s style of cuisine and ingredients, and teams are made up of chefs from all over the world! We’ve got the Caribbean, Japan, South Africa, Australia, quite a few Americans, naturally, and a Scotsman!

Representing New Zealand and India are Monique Fiso and Amninder Sandhu! Love these girls <3

After the first round, the bottom three teams battle it out again, this time judged by one of the greatest chefs in the world, hailing from that episode’s themed country.

This show is intense. The stage, the lights, the scary determination in every chef’s eye. But the drama in this show is in the food. The chefs themselves are amazing characters, each resolutely set on winning, but the focus is never on how crazy someone is, or how much they talk themselves up. They’re real chefs who speak through their cooking.

These chefs aren’t cooking for money or a trophy. They’re fighting for honour and glory.

I recommended this show to my parents and a couple of days later they had already binged it all! There was never an episode where I didn’t yell at the TV, where I wasn’t on the verge of tears from excitement, relief, adulation.

Seriously, if you’re into cooking shows, I highly, highly recommend The Final Table. Three Michelin stars from me!



Flippin' great

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