The Mindy Project – Season 6

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If you’re a fan of The Mindy Project you’ll know that the first three seasons were by far the best, with four and five becoming more lackluster (with the exception of a few highlights). By the series finale at the end of season 6 though, Mindy Kaling brings the show back to its roots and gives her long standing fan base the perfect emotional pay off.

While billed as a romantic comedy show, The Mindy Project was always far more nuanced than most romantic comedies. Kaling has never shied away from showing the tougher realities of relationships. Many relationships that would have been the typical unrealistic “happily ever after” of your usual rom com are very quickly unpacked in The Mindy Project.

Take Mindy and Danny’s relationship, though the show built on it for the first two seasons, it very quickly and painfully deteriorated because relationships are so much more complex than just two people liking each other. Their two strong personalities and, in particular, Danny’s inability to compromise drove to their break up.

At the end of season 5 we are left waiting for some resolution about Mindy’s big choice, will she stick to her decision to never marry or will she accept Ben’s proposal. The answer, which I won’t give away, is given almost immediately in season 6 and Mindy is forced to deal with the repercussions of her decision for the rest of the season.

Whether you ship Mindy and Ben or Mindy and Danny or Mindy and anyone else, you’ll enjoy seeing the results of huge amounts of growth on Mindy’s part. She’s no longer the party girl desperate to find her man, she’s a happy, independent woman who has come so far both personally and professionally.

Season 6 is well thought out and crafted to give the longstanding The Mindy Project fan a satisfying ending that stays true to its cast of quirky and outlandish characters. It’s definitely worth coming back to the show, if you drifted in the last few seasons, to see your fav girl get her Happy Ever After.

– Lucy Noonan


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