Medieval Dynasty

Guest review by Geoff Gummer

I’m just a simple man. I can hunt, I can make a few simple tools. I’ve travelled far to visit my uncle, but he was killed. The Castellan says I can have as much land as I want, as long as I pay taxes to the King. In the immortal words of The Clash, “should I stay or should I go?”. If I stay, perhaps some people will want to come and help me farm and mine my land. Maybe I can find a wife, have children, and make a life for myself here?

Welcome to Medieval Dynasty, an early access game from Render Productions, released by Toplitz. I am over 100 hours into this game now and I really enjoy it. The story line, while it is slow, is quite well developed for an early access game, it has some twists and turns and is quite engaging.

It takes its form in quests. You can also do quests for villagers, some of whom have their own side stories, all of which increase your reputation. You can also interact with villagers (some of whom are homeless and recruitable), which allows you to choose which dialogue you think will get them to like you more. You can flirt with some of the women over 18 (the dialogue is set, choosing the wrong option will cause them to stop talking to you), and increase their affection, which, if you are really awesome, can convince one of them to marry you. 

Introducing… my wife

You can build a town complete with roads, fences, farms, crafting, and so on, to make resources for money. There is a bit of science involved in this, you cant just build any old place and throw stuff in wherever, but fortunately its not too hard to understand and/or fix your mistakes. You’ll have to deal with wolves, bears, criminals, storms, neighbouring Kings/rulers, bandits and a myriad of things in order to create a life, a wife, and a family, and create your own Medieval Dynasty. Dont expect Castles and so on, this is all about the simple life.

The game is beautiful, and has a few bugs, but they seem to get fixed and I havent found anything game breaking yet. Break out your hoe, axe and bow, if you’re into a sort of open(ish) survival game with a story, this is the one for you


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