Mavericks Proving Grounds

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At E3 this year many games were announced, and everyone was pumped for something new. One game that piqued my interest was Mavericks Proving Grounds.

Mavericks is a battle royale game and they claim it has a truly unique interactive world where there is destructible buildings, you leave footprints, crushed foliage, and even blood behind as you hunt or flee. New items, decals, and icons become available as you progress through the game, and enjoy the benefits of citizenship and a player controlled market.

The map itself has real world lighting, dynamic time of day, destructible organic material and buildings/structures, a dynamic weather system and a huge 16x16km map (PUBG’s Erangel is 8x8km).

Mavericks Proving Grounds is a persistent world, and shares some things in common with games like The Division and Escape from Tarkov, where you can potentially lose everything in the field of combat, and to get your loot out, you have to extract it. In their own words:

Extraction begins with the player initiating the Preparation stage which will allow for items and currency to be inputted. Uploading will then ensue, taking the items and currency stored and converting them into data, permitting them to be uploaded and extracted. During the Upload process your drone will hover overhead as data is collected, visible to nearby players its progress and value can be comprised so be sure to protect it. Once Upload completes, all value inputted is secured in the owner’s bank, and the player and party are permitted a secondary function of safe relocation to The Capital.

The battles take place on the Isle of Dern, which has many and varied landscapes, featured locations, reactive wildlife, and the other things I mentioned. Looking at the E3 trailer, the graphics look stunning as well.

One other point of interest is how they are going to handle in game weapon cosmetics. They say:

Weapon Kits are our approach to handling cosmetic distribution properly. Instead of the typical loot boxes we’ll be releasing cosmetics into the game world, through limited opportunities and availability. Inside these kits are beautifully constructed cosmetic variations specifically designed for your favourite weapons. This sounds like it might avoid some of the issues with things like people selling stuff in the real world, causing them to do illegitimate stuff in game to facilitate it. One of the issues with PUBG has been people hacking to get in game credits, to buy crates, and then selling them for real money on steam. Then they sell the steam accounts for real cash, with a bunch of steam credits on, quite a lucrative market it seems.

There is quite a bit of information on their website, and here is the trailer:

– sign up for the beta, I did!

– Geoff Gummer


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